Skopelos Cycladia Tips

Useful tips for a Pleasant Stay
Skopelos is an island that has many isolated beaches, to which guests may only arrive either by boat or by waking down difficult, and sometimes slippery, paths. Therefore, it would be wise to bring comfortable, waterproof athletic shoes that will facilitate them to walk down the paths safely. 

Moreover, in some beaches, there are slippery surfaces, usually made of calcium, within the first few meters of the seashore. These underwater surfaces should either be avoided by walking slightly to the left or to the right, or swimmers should wear sea shoes and be very careful. Such slippery, underwater surfaces can be found at Limnonari and Milia beach. 

Finally, Skopelos’ visitors should be aware that the nights at the Aegean Islands are chilly due to the winds and high humidity. So, a light jacket is always useful.

Various tips
Prefer calm beaches when it is windy
The Aegean Sea is often very windy, especially in August due to the summer winds (“meltemia”). Therefore, visitors should prefer beaches that offer a natural shelter and have calm waters, like Limnonari, Agnondas and Stafylos at the southern part of the island. 

Always be informed on the weather conditions before going on a boat trip
Rapid weather changes are very often in the Aegean Sea. Before going on a boat trip, even to nearby beaches like Sarres, travelers should always be informed of the weather. 

Take a boat trip
The road network at Skopelos is in a quite good condition, but many beaches are not easily accessible by car/bus, or even by foot. Even some beaches that are accessible by car or by bus have hidden treasures that can only be approached by a boat, like the Tripiti cave at Glysteri or the Dassia Island opposite Milia. Therefore, taking a boat trip in order to explore the beauties of Skopelos is definitely a good idea.

Scuba diving
Scuba diving is forbidden in Skopelos; however, it is allowed at the little island of “Mikro Adelfi” and there are also scuba diving schools that organize such activities. Divers should note that a special license is required via the Port Authorities.

Buy a traditional knife
Visitors should certainly buy a handmade Skopelos’ knife, which is unique and cannot be found elsewhere.  

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