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Travel Guides for Skopelos island

Skopelos Travel Guide

Skopelos is a gorgeous island in the Sporades complex in Greece, which belongs to the prefecture of Thessaly. Being the natural setting for the Mamma Mia movie, Skopelos and Sporades have been increasingly attracting international travelers. 

This island boasts a unique natural beauty, but also some remarkable hidden treasures; these treasures are revealed in the new Skopelos Travel Guide, which presents the best hotels and restaurants combined with sections for tips, best places to visit, sightseeing suggestions and useful travel information.  The guide even contains thematic sub-guides, like events in Skopelos or local specialties, for the visitor’s most comprehensive briefing!  

In reality, this guide is an online travel consultant for this amazing island in Greece, covering anything a traveler would be interested in, from best places to visit to most important attractions and practical tips. 

Best places to visit on Skopelos

Prospective travelers of the Sporades Islands, Greece, will surely plan a vacation to Skopelos after visiting Cycladia’s guide. This new Skopelos Travel Guide exposes the beauties of this lovely part of Thessaly, Greece, where the Mamma Mia movie was filmed and includes the best places to visit, attractions, sightseeing proposals and practical tips. All relevant travel information is incorporated in separate guides for swimming, eating & drinking and accommodation.  

So, everything travelers need to know about Skopelos is now available online through this comprehensive guide by Cycladia! 

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