Skopelos Events

Events In Skopelos
Skopelos is an island that maintains many traditions. All year long, many cultural events and local festivals attract visitors and create a unique atmosphere.

Moreover, the museums and galleries of Skopelos organize various cultural and artistic events. Visitors should be informed on these events which are usually announced through the municipality of Skopelos. 


Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth
The First Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth (SIFFY) was organized in 2009 and included three filming laboratories for students and youngsters. The festival had a huge success and one of the winning movies was also awarded in the Pyrgos (Peloponnese, Greece) Festival. The Second SIFFY will be soon.


Loizeia festival is organized every August by the Cultural Association of Glossa in memory of the renowned Greek composer Manos Loizos. Events include concerts, theatrical plays, dancing shows by local folk dancing groups, storytelling and, of course, food and wine for visitors.


Pan-Hellenic Poetry Competition “Kessarios Dapontes”
The first Pan-Hellenic Poetry Competition will be organized for the first time in early September 2012 and aims to attract young poets from all over Greece. The awarding ceremony will be held at the Vakratsas residence.


Exhibition of Skopelos Artists
The exhibition takes place every summer and promotes the work of local artists: ceramic objects, wooden models of ships, embroideries, traditional paintings, furniture, photographs, traditional musical instruments, etc. 


Exhibition of Traditional Products
It is held every summer at the old port and for ten days visitors can be informed on local products, buy, and taste them. There are also two nights with local music and dancing. 


Wine Celebration
The Wine Celebration at Glossa began in 2011 and is organized in mid-September. The celebration begins early in the afternoon and apart from drinking local wine for free, visitors can participate in the process of wine production too!


Photography Festival
A photographic festival is organized in July at the Center of Photography of Skopelos. This festival began in 1996 and includes exhibitions and other activities related to photography, with a different theme every year. 


Prunes Festival
During the last week of August, the municipality of Skopelos organizes various cultural activities that end with the Prunes Festival, where visitors are offered raw and baked prunes and wine. Local musicians play traditional songs while dancing and singing lasts till dawn.


Fisherman’s Evening
It is a local celebration that takes place at Loutraki on August 6 every year. Lots of people gather on the beach, eat seafood and drink wine (all offered for free), and traditional music bands play live on the beach. 


Squid Evening
This is another evening celebration organized at Neo Klima on August 11. Fresh squids and fried fish are offered to visitors, which again have the opportunity to dance Greek folk dances listening to local traditional music. 


The Singing Night
The Singing night is an old tradition according to which a man, accompanied by musicians (mainly guitar players and singers), went during the night under the balcony of the woman he loved and sang to her a love song. This kind of singing, called “kantada” revives one night of August at Glossa and Klima. This beautiful tradition creates a romantic and very picturesque atmosphere really unique to watch


During the Carnival period, usually in February and early March, Skopelos attracts many visitors due to its unique customs. It is impressive that the inhabitants of the island “open” their houses to every guest and offer free food, including local specialties, during the whole period of the Carnival. Among the most important customs are the Revival of a Traditional Skopelos’ Wedding, with traditional costumes, live music and dancing, the custom of Trata (which means fishing boat in Greek), where supposed sailors and their captain go around singing particular “spicy” songs, and Bramdes, people disguised wearing aristocratic clothes that go around and sing a particular song called “tis Vlahas”. Trata and Bramdes take place on the last Sunday of the Carnival period, and people are gathered in squares, follow the Trata group and eat, dance and have fun. 


Various Religious Feasts
Skopelos has more than 300 churches, and religious feasts used to be numerous. However, nowadays only a few of them have been kept which are celebrated with food and dancing all night long. The most famous among them are the feast of Saint Riginos on February 25, the feast of the Assumption of Virgin Mary on August 15 at Glossa, the feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ at the homonymous church on August 6 and the feast at the Monastery of Saint Barbara on December 4. 


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