Skopelos Local Specialties
Skopelos is famous for its traditional recipes. The cuisine of Skopelos has often been presented in relevant TV broadcasts in Greece. Below are listed some of the most famous specialties and dishes of the island:

Cod with prunes
This is a unique recipe throughout Greece and owes its existence to the prunes’ abundance on Skopelos. Onions, garlic and potatoes, are initially put in a fry with olive oil. Then oregano, tomato juice, pepper and a laurel leave are added, along with a glass of water and the prunes. After 15 minutes of boiling, the cod filets are placed on top of the potatoes, and are moistured with the broth that has been created. The dish is ready to be served after another 15 minutes, and it is really aromatic and delicious. 

These are traditional candies offered at weddings and engagements. They are made of almonds, sugar and water extracted from the flowers of lemon trees. After the ingredients are mixed and kneaded into various shapes, they are sprinkled with caster sugar.

Katsares are delicious pancakes, served with almonds and honey.  

Fouskakia are similar to doughnuts; they are made of flour, water and yeast and are fried in olive oil. In Skopelos they are called “fouskakia” because they are shaped in little spheres that look like bubbles.  

Stuffed squids
Like in any Greek island, recipes with sea food are always among the top traditional dishes. In this recipe, squids are stuffed with rice, feta cheese, zucchini, tomato, pine cones, green peppers, onions and dill. Then they are boiled in a pot, while they are covered with the remaining part of the stuffing. This truly is a gastronomic pleasure.

Another traditional desert made with prunes, which is very tasteful but also very difficult to make. First prunes are washed, peeled and kernels are removed. Then, they are sunk into a large bowl with water, a little lemon juice and amiant for three hours. Afterwards, being very carefully and repeatedly washed, prunes are boiled in a pot with water and sugar for 10-30 minutes. Sometimes, prunes are boiled again after 24 hours. This complicated process produces a light and tasteful desert! 

Rozedes are similar to hamalia but have one more ingredient: nuts. Again nuts, almonds, sugar, and water extracted from lemon flowers are kneaded into various shapes and sprinkled with caster sugar. 

Strifti tyropita (Cheese pie)
This is the most renowned traditional dish of Skopelos, made with feta cheese, flour, salt and pepper, oil, water and yeast. Its main difference from other cheese pies is that it is shaped into round rolls, resembling the shell of a snail, and it is fried in olive oil. The cheese pie in Skopelos is very crunchy and has a unique taste! 

Onion pie
This is a variant of the traditional cheese pie, but this version also has onions, mizithra cheese, frumenty and eggs. It is shaped in the same way, resembling a snail, and it can be either fried or baked in the oven. 

In Skopelos, travelers should definitely taste hand-made noodles made of flour, water and oil, served in little traditional taverns. They are usually accompanied with tomato sauce and cheese.

Sweet pumpkin pie
Made with pumpkin, rice, butter, milk, sugar and oil, this delicious pie is seasoned with cinnamon and salt, and then baked in the oven. It practically goes with, and enriches, every meal.

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