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According to the myth, Thetis sent her son Achilles to Skyros in order to prevent him from participating in the Trojan War. Dressed as a girl, Achilles pretended to be one of the daughters of king Lycomedes named Pyrra. During that time, he had a son called Neoptolemos or Pyrros with one of the king’s daughters, Diidamea. However, Ulysses came to Skyros pretending to be a seller of jewels, clothes, weapons and perfumes and all girls were interested in his products apart from one: Pyrra, who was interested in guns. This is how Ulysses discovered that Achilles was in Skyros and called him to participate in the War. The bay from which Achilles departed from Skyros is named after him; it is called “Achilli”.
The famous Athenian hero Theseus who was Poseidon’s son and killed the notorious Minotaur, was killed by Lycomedes in Skyros according to the myth. His dead body was brought to Athens by Achilles. The rock on which he was killed is still called “The rock of Theseus”. 

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