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Spetses Travel Guide

Spetses Travel Guide

One of the charming islands near Athens of the Argosaronic Gulf, Spetses or Spetsai, is now featured in Cycladia along with useful tips, travel information and unique guides for hotels, restaurants, sightseeing attractions and beaches so that your holidays on Spetses (Spetsai) is comfortable and fun.

Spetses Travel Guide presents all the beauties, the best places to visit and things not-to-be-missed for this verdant with pine trees island of the Argosaronic complex, in Greece, ideal for weekend escapes near Athens.

Best places to visit in Spetses, Greece
Spetses (Spetsai) is located at the foot of Peloponnese, Greece, and it is among the best islands near Athens. A small island full of pine trees and beautiful beaches, ideal for short or weekend escapes near Athens due to its close proximity to the capital, Spetses offers a great variety of choices despite its small size.

One of the best places to visit on Spetses is the island’s main settlement which composes of Dapia, Kasteli and Old Port areas. Besides, no other settlements or villages exist on the island apart from its beautiful beaches.

Cycladia’s Spetses Travel Guide guides you through your escape planning with its quality suggestions for sightseeing attractions & swimming, its guides for accommodation and dining along with the standard parts of useful travel information and tips for an unforgettable holiday on this wonderful island of the Argosaronic Gulf, Greece.

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