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The myth of Koiranos
Koiranos was a king of Syros in the early historic years. He was considered a charismatic king and a very intelligent person, and he was respected and honored by all Syriots for many years. According to the myth, Koiranos’ ship sank in the sea between Paros and Naxos and he was brought to Syros by a dolphin. The cave to which he arrived was named after him and is called “Koiranion Andro”.
The carved rocks at Grammata
Due to its position Syros was often used as a stopover for ships traveling in the Aegean Sea. Starting from the Ancient Times, navigators used to resort to the northeastern coast of the island and waited for storms to pass and strong winds to stop. According to the myth, this is why the rocks at Grammata are carved with symbols of various periods, because travelers used them in order to carve names and dates, but also prayers and thanks to the Gods. 

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