Local Delicacies
Syros is a part of the Cyclades Islands, all famous for their traditional recipes with emphasis on fish, seafood and local herbs. Specifically in Syros, there are some unique recipes coming from different parts of Greece, since the island was inhabited by groups of people coming from numerous different islands in the 19th century.

Octopus with sundried tomatoes
This is truly a gastronomic pleasure, since it combines the strong taste of octopus with the unique taste of sundried tomatoes. The ingredients also include vinegar and/or wine, olive oil, capers, rosemary, thyme and pepper. Other herbs may be added according to personal preferences.

This spicy type of cold cut is made throughout Cyclades, with small variations in each island. In Syros, the meat is initially covered in salt for 24 hours and then it gets further seasoned with pepper, cinnamon, cloves and allspice; it is wrapped up in intestine and pressed overnight in order to take its characteristic shape. Then, it is hung for two months in order to dry.

Delicious sundried mackerel cooked on the grill. This recipe for salted fish is very conveniently maintained for many years now. 

Pork with fennel paste
First the meat is cut into large pieces and sautéed with olive oil in a pot. Then, the onions are added to follow the same procedure as the meat and last the wine, potatoes, fennel paste and salt and pepper, in this order. Finally we add water and cook in the pot for about an hour. The result is a delicious dish with a distinctive flavor.   

“Marathopita” (fennel pie)
Although this pie has the philosophy of the traditional Greek spanakopita (spinach pie), it is different because apart from crust, olive oil, spinach and onions, it also has sausages cut into rings and fennel. This combination is really amazing. 

Fried smelt with onions
This dish is served in taverns by the sea and everyone loves it. It is based on the mixture of the flavors of onions, first boiled in water and then dried in olive oil, and smelt, which is seasoned with salt and pepper and fried after it has been floured.

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