Piperolahana in Greek means the spicy, full or pepper flavour cabbages. This a very spicy dish for discerning palates as it consists in beans boiled together with cabbage, peppers and other vegetables that have been left to dry and then merged into salt and vinegar water for more than a week. The result is a very distinctive, spicy flavour given by the salted vegetables.

Traditional Sfragisto Stifado
This dish is made with veal meat, onion, potatoes, apple, quince and various herbs. Sfragisto in Greek means “sealed” and so this dish is made. The meat is cooked in a casserole alone with the grinded pepper, olive oil and sugar without pinching it so as to keep its juices within. The casserole remains closed until the meat becomes reddish. Then all the rest of the ingredients are added to cook with the meat without leaving the casserole uncapped.

Octopus with cabbages from the garden
A great variety of vegetables including cabbages are used to accompany the pre-boiled octopus. Onions, soft tomatoes, cabbages, various vegetables, parsley, spearmint, dill, olive oil and pepper grains are all sautéed together and at the end some juice from the already boiled octopus is added. when the vegetables are almost done the octopus is added to be boiled with the mixture for about 15’. A very delicious, summer dish!

Pumpkin Pie
A delicacy made with dried pumpkin, rice cinnamon, eggs and olive oil all put into homemade dough. A dish for all times of the day.

A dish made with zucchinis, spearmint, eggs, feta cheese and breadcrumbs. The zucchinis are grinded and the feta cheese is cut in small pieces, in a pan olive oil and a thin layer of flour is poured before the mixture of the zucchinis, feta, spearmint, rice, eggs and the breadcrumbs is added. At the top of the mix some flour is sprinkled again and some butter is added. Baked in the oven Paspalopita is prepared after about 1 hr and the result is magnificent!    

This is a traditional Thassian dessert resembling t6he oriental sweets made with thin layers of dough, nuts and syrup. The layers of dough are prepared first and poured with vegetable oil. It is then baked into the oven and as soon as it is ready the syrup is added and it is cut to welcome the nuts and the cinnamon or the cumin. A light, nutritious and delicious traditional homemade sweet!

Rose spoon sweet
This is similar to other Greek spoon sweets though instead of vegetables and fruit it is made with rose petals. A symphony of flavors, sweet and sour and a delicate touch in the mouth…just like the touch of a rose!

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