Local Products from Tinos
Many local products are produced in Tinos and sold throughout Greece and abroad.

Basketry is an ancient art that has been preserved at Tinos. Baskets of canes and wickers are handmade, without the intervention of any machinery. A large number of baskets are produced at the village Volax and are exported to Europe and Turkey.

Colorful, traditional carpets are handmade at Steni and Kalloni villages .

Ceramic pots
The village of Tripotamos hosts laboratories of pottery, where visitors can buy ceramic jars of various sizes.

Sculpture laboratories operate in many villages, like Pyrgos, Isternia, Kardiani, Plateia, and local sculptors work mainly on local green and white marble.  Little works of art are sold at the touristic shops of the island.

At Hora, there is the “School of Textiles”, where students and employees create handmade tablecloths, towels, etc., according to the traditional method.   

The local “graviera” and round cheeses (“volakia”, “malathounia”), fresh and dry, are sold throughout Greece. Another famous Tinian cheese is “Analati”, made of milk and rennet. Cheese and dairy products are produced at the cheese dairy unit of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives, located close to Tripotamos. It is estimated that the cheese unit uses about 900 tons of local milk per year.


Kopanisti is a creamy, white and very spicy cheese that is combined with bread, rusks and ouzo. It can be preserved in room temperature for months, and this is why travelers always buy Kopanisti before leaving the island.  

The wine of Tinos is famous, although its production is not enough and it is difficult to find. The finest wines are produced at Exombourgo, where visitors can also participate in the production process and/or stay at the winery unit.

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