Alonissos is famous for its wonderful tuna fish, which is boiled and pasteurized in glass jars with a traditional procedure. The best tuna specie is “Alalunga” (white, red and yellow). 

Noodles and frumenty (“trahanas”)
Alonissos produces wheat and traditional Greek pasta can be found in the shops that sell traditional products. Among them, the most renowned are noodles and frumenty.

Although the wine production has been dramatically reduced since 1958, the locally produced wine is coveted all around Greece. Visitors should definitely buy a bottle of Alonissos’ “black” (dark red) wine which is pretty difficult to find.

Olives and olive oil
Alonissos has a long tradition in the cultivation of olives and the production of olive oil, just like most parts of Greece. The extra virgin olive oil of Alonissos is also used for the tuna final product (tuna in olive oil). 

The art of pottery in Alonissos has begun since the Ancient Times. Today, visitors can buy ceramic pots of various sizes, for various uses. 

The fact that Alonissos is to a large extend covered by forests explains why its honey is so delicious. Jars of honey can be found on various shops that sell local products.  

The most famous local cheeses are “myzithra” and small round-shaped goat cheeses. These cheeses are also used to make the Alonissos’ cheese pie. 

Local herbs
A variety of local spices and herbs are sold in the shops around Alonissos, including its famous oregano and some herbs that are considered to have healing properties. For more information, visitors should ask the shop owners. It is no coincidence that the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy is headquartered in Alonissos.

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