Alonissos Recipes
Alonissos is a part of the Sporades complex, which are all famous for their wonderful traditional recipes. Specifically in Alonissos, there are some unique recipes made of unique local products, like the Alalunga tuna.  

Black linguini with tuna
This dish is not only delicious, but also has a very impressive appearance. The tuna is smashed into little pieces and mixed in a frying pan with sauté onions, tomato, peppers and grated cheese. The linguini is added to the same frying pan one by one after being boiled and this delicious dish must be served while it is still hot. 

Frumenty pie (“trahanopita)
This delightful pie is made of traditional, hand-made crust and filled with a special mixture of frumenty, onions, milk, water, myzithra cheese, eggs, salt and pepper. This is actually a quite unusual dish since the pie is filled with a type of pasta.  

Pumpkin pie (with spices)
A different version of pumpkin pie which is made of traditional, hand-made crust stuffed with pumpkins, frumenty, sugar, cinnamon, cumin and mint. Then it is baked in the oven and  it has a very distinctive sweet and spicy flavor.

Fried cheese pie
A wonderful, simple cheese pie with very few elements: wheat flour, water, salt, goat cheese and extra virgin olive oil. The shape of this pie resembles the shape of a snail shell while the fact that it is fried in olive oil makes it crunchy and delicious! 

These are tasteful meat pies, stuffed with boiled goat meat. What is unique about this pie is that the meat is enfolded in six layers of hand-made thin crust.  

Hamalia are also known in Alonissos as the “dessert of joy”, because they are traditional candies offered at weddings and engagements. They are made of almonds, nuts, semolina, honey and spices enfolded into triangles of crust and sprinkled with caster sugar.

Fouskakia are similar to doughnuts; they are made of flour, water and yeast and are fried in olive oil. In Alonissos, just like in Skopelos (another island of the Sporades complex), they are called “fouskakia” because they are shaped in little spheres that look like bubbles (“fouska” in Greek means “bubble”).  

Amygdalota (marzipans)
Alonissos’ marzipans are made of trimmed almond kneaded into various shapes using water extracted from lemon flowers for the mixture. Amygdalota (“amygdalo” in Greek means “almond”) traditionally do not have a standard shape but they are sprinkled with caster sugar and have an amazing taste. 

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