Alcoholic Beverages
  • Souma: a strong alcoholic beverage made from sycamore trees (figs & almonds).
  • Raki: an unsweetened anise flavoured strong alcoholic drink made from grapes.
  • Tsipouro: an alcoholic drink similar to pomace brandy.

Local grown crops & products
  • Olive oil & Edible Olives: Quality olive oil as well as edible olives are produced on the island of Antiparos and can be found in many local markets and convenient stores.
  • Capers: they grow among the rocks of Antiparos and are mostly used as a seasoning in salad.
  • Honey: The thyme honey of Antiparos is of exquisite quality and taste.

Cheese Specialties
  • Kefalotyri: A hard salty yellow cheese made from sheep or goat milk.
  • Ladotyri (Oil-Cheese): Made from sheep or goat milk and stored in olive oil.
  • Xinomyzithra: The aged version of Myzithra, made from goat or sheep milk, yeast and salt.
  • Touloumotyri: Moist, white goat cheese with a slight sweet taste ripened and stored in the goats hide.

  • Ceramic Pottery: locally crafted pottery that can be found in many boutique and souvenir shops throughout the island.
  • Fine Leather Products: Fine leather products can be found in many stores of Antiparos including leather clothes, leather artefacts and other leather objects and accessories.
  • Gold & Silver Jewellery: Jewellery shops on Antiparos feature exquisite pieces of gold and silver jewellery.

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