Local Products
Due to the mild climate and fertile land the enchanting island of Chios produces many delicious products such as the world renowned mastic all embracing the island's history and tradition.

Sweets & Sweet Preserves

Mastic gum, mastic sweet preserve, submarine spoon sweet (sweet preserve served in a spoon in ice-cold water), mastic loukoumi (sugar dusted gelatine cubes), mastic taffy sweets, mastic candy, mastic cookies, traditional mastic waffle pies, mastic nougat bars, mastic chocolate, sesame seed bar with honey and mastic...all so delicious and uniquely flavoured by the authentic mastic aroma!

Local Ice Cream
Local Kronos ice-cream is a premium ice cream made with local milk that comes in various flavours

The island of Chios produces an excellent variety of honey, from pine honey to thyme and citrus blossom honey from flowers. A local product one must definitely try.

Various Sweet Preserves & Spoon Sweets
Due to its very fertile land Chios is renowned for its exquisite fruit and vegetable crops thus some of its sweet preserves such as eggplant, pistachio, cherry, almonds and rose all made from fresh locally grown ingredients are extremely popular.

Spirits & Wines

Mastic Spirits
Mastic liqueur, mastic beverage: a liqueur and beverage made from natural mastic distinguished for its exceptional aroma.

Soumada is a strong alcoholic beverage made from sycamore trees (figs & almonds)

Rose Water
Made from local roses and used to sprinkle sweets and for cosmetic purposes

Flower Water
Made from some of the most fragrant flowers in the region. It is used to sprinkle sweets and for cosmetic purposes

Mandarin Juice, liqueur and sweet preserve
Mandarin is one of the many fruits that come from the island of Chios. With many mandarin trees in the island all mandarin products are of exquisite taste and aromas.

Ouzo is a world renowned alcoholic beverage coming from various parts of Greece. The ouzo of Chios offers a distinctive taste and aroma.

Chios Wine
The "Arioussion" wine has a deep production history on the island of Chios. Blessed by God Dionysus since the ancient times, Chios wine is dark coloured and with distinctive aromas that have made it famous worldwide throughout times. Nowadays, it is cultivated from "Ariousios SA" mostly on the north western part of the island and sparkles a flame for the island's economy and productivity.

Local grown crops & vegetables

Olive oil & Edible Olives
With olive trees covering the 45% of the island's cropland, the extra virgin olive oil as well as edible olives are two of the islands main products.

Sun dried tomatoes
Sun dried tomatoes are a very popular delicacy on the island of Chios and they are definitely worth trying. In most villages residents hang their tomatoes outside the windows to dry in order to have their own production of this local delicacy.

Chios Sausages
Local sausages made either by pork or veal meat and seasoned with local spices and herbs. A great "meze" for wine, beer or ouzo for meat lovers!

Handmade Spaghetti
It is a must try specialty, hand rolled spaghetti made with flour, olive oil and salt.


Soft salty cheese dip with solid texture and tangy flavour.

Mastelo cheese
A soft, white and slightly salty cheese that it can be baked, added in salads and various dishes or either consumed on its own.

Handmade Artifacts

In the village of Armolia along with many other villages on Chios you will find many locally made ceramic artifacts and utensils of distinct style.

Handmade embroideries by the locals can be found at most gifts shops through the island of Chios.

Mastic based cosmetics
Mastic soaps, made by extra virgin olive oil and mastic and various other mastic cosmetics (oils, hair products, body lotions and face creams) can be found on Chios, as the birthplace of the mastic tree!

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