Local Specialties
The Fragrant Island of Chios is blessed with sprawling fields of mastic, orange, mandarin and sycamore trees and botanic herbs bringing the finest taste and aromas to the exuberant local cuisine. All of the island's local dishes and specialties can be found in most of the regional restaurants and taverns and are very worth trying. Some of the most exquisite dishes are listed below:

Sfougato is a type of omelette with chopped onions, salt, mint, pepper, breadcrumbs & shredded cheese. A great delight for all times of day although quite fatty!

Koutsounades are local wild greens. After being boiled and drained they are served with olive oil and salt and usually combined with octopus or cuttlefish. A healthy and tasteful dish.

Tabourokeftedes are made from tabouras which is another name for pumpkin. After peeling and cutting the pumpkin into cubes, it is boiled and drained. As soon as it boils, it is mashed and shredded cheese and onion, salt, pepper and flour are added for the meatballs to be fried. A salty and sweet flavour that is definitely one of our favourites!

Stewed Goat
Slow cooked goat in a pot with bay leaves, carrots, dry and fresh onions, anise, celery, milk, shredded cheese, eggs, lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper. It is a light tasteful dish usually served with white rice.

Fried wild green balls (Hortokeftedes)
Fried wild green balls made from a mixture of wild greens and herbs that are firstly boiled, drained and then mixed with chopped onion, salt, pepper, feta cheese and flour. Finally they are shaped into balls and are ready to be fried in olive oil.

Mpegoto is a seafood pancake made with flour, chopped onions and smelt fish. Naturally, it is a dish served as a meze for ouzo.

Steamed mussels
Steamed mussels are a must-try on the island of Chios since they are usually daily fresh and caught by the local fishermen. They are also considered a great meze for ouzo.

Gavros Kolympitos
Gavros Kolympitos is another popular meze for ouzo. It is a dish made with anchovy dipped in olive oil, vinegar and garlic.

Liokafto is another excellent meze for ouzo. It is a sundried fish marinated with vinegar, salt and herbs.

Avgokalamara are a very tasty dish of fried rice meatballs with flour and egg crust. It is a dish of a truly unique flavour one must definitely try.

Kopanistopitakia are small cheese pies with a pie crust made with flour, olive oil and ouzo stuffed with kopanisti dip (a local cheese dip).

Melitzanopilafo is an eggplant pilaf made with eggplants, rice, garlic, bay leaf, tomatoes, salt, pepper, parsley and peppermint. It is served with lemon juice especially in the southern parts of Chios.

Omelette with courgettes
It is a typical omelette made with eggs, grated cheese, courgettes and parsley and when fried is usually folded in half. A quick and tasteful dish for a snack between the main meals!

Lobster or shrimp spaghetti
Spaghetti cooked in tomato shrimp broth or lobster broth made from fresh tomatoes, tomato paste, white wine, salt, pepper and oregano. If you wish to try the lobster spaghetti it is advisable to order it a day in advance just to make sure you will eventually eat it!

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