Local Specialties
Evia has an interesting gastronomy, with influences both from the mainland and from the Aegean Islands. 

Chickpeas with rice
Chickpeas are first boiled, with the addition of one tablespoon of soda, and then olive oil, salt, pepper and rice are added, along with two glasses of water. The mixture boils again for a few minutes and the result is delicious!

This is handmade pasta (made of flour, oil and water) in the shape of small pebbles. They are tasteful and children’s favourite dish of!

Evia is an island, so dishes with fish are a must! Liligia is a recipe of hornbeam, where first it is salted and put in the fridge for a day, and then it is left in the sun for two days to dry. Finally, it is baked in campfire coals! 

Bonito baked on a tile
It is not very usual that this fish, or any other food in general, to be baked on a tile! Bonito is first carved along with a knife and it is spiced with salt, pepper and oregano. Then it is baked on a tile for 30 minutes. Oil and lemon juice are added in the end.

Sini mandi
A truly nutritious dish made of chicken that is wrapped in handmade pie. Visitors should look for it in traditional taverns.  

This is Evia’s version of pumpkin pie: yellow pumpkin is trimmed and mixed with onions, mint, olive oil and trimmed toast. Then, it is shaped into small balls and it is fried. This is a delicious crispy snack or appetizer.

Pork meat is sliced into small pieces and it is mixed with lard, onions, groats, oil, salt and pepper, and boiled for about 5 hours. This recipe is ideal for cold winter days and it was possibly brought to Evia by immigrants from Istanbul.

Evia has many traditional desserts that are unique: “hosaf” (stewed fruit), “karydokourampiedes” (crispy sugared buns with nuts), “xas” (mad of groats, syrup and cinnamon), “sykomagides” (made of figs, sesame, nuts and raki), “mimikia” (fried desserts made of orange, flour, eggs and olive oil), “koulikia” (buns with sesame and cinnamon served on celebrations), and many more. Visiting Evia is actually a gastronomic delight!

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