Local Specialities & Recipes of Kythnos
Kythnos is well-known for its local specialties and genuine recipes all created with local products of fine quality cultivated by the people of the island reflecting the island’s history and Mediterranean tradition. Some of the local specialties one must try while on the island include:
  • Savoro: a dish of fried fish marinated in a sour sauce
  • Sfougata: a type of cheese croquettes made with local soft trimma cheese
  • Pitaro or Thermiotiki cheese pie: the traditional local cheese pie
  • Syglino: smoked pork meat with its fat
  • Kolonia: a traditional pie stuffed with rice and spinach
  • Kolopi: covered spinach pie
  • Strapatzada: scrambled eggs with zucchini and local pork meat
  • Marzipan cakes

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