Local Products

Although Skyros is quite a small island, it has some great quality localproducts.

The sea water in Skyros is transparent and full of fish. Everyone in Greece knows that the lobsters at Skyros are surprisingly fresh and amazingly tasteful.

Excellent quality honey is produced in the Skyros’ mountains. Visitors should definitely bring a jar home!

Goat (and meat in general)
The island of Skyros is renowned for its goats that graze freely in the Skyros’ countryside. Livestock in general is very important on the island and the meat from Skyros is considered of superior quality.

Myzithra cheese
An amazing cheese with a wonderful taste and a unique aroma, the Skyros dry myzithra is a product that visitors must definitely taste.

The art of embroideries in Skyros goes back to the time when inhabitants wore traditional local costumes. Here embroideries are characterized by lively colours and beautiful designs, all created on fine fabrics.

Hand-made furniture
Furniture made in Skyros can be found in houses all over Greece. Although they are difficult to bring home, visitors should at least visit a workshop of woodcarving and furniture.   

Ceramic pots
The art of pottery is quite important on Skyros and many household objects are produced on the island. Apart from their utility, they also make a wonderful souvenir!

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