Spaghetti with lobster
The Skyros’ lobsters are quite famous in Greece. According to this recipe, pasta is boiled “al dente” and then added in the same pan where the lobster was sautéed (the lobster is sautéed in a pan with onions, garlic, tomato, cognac, dill, salt and pepper). The fresher the lobster, the more delicious the result!

Goat in the oven
For this recipe, goat is baked in the oven accompanied with potatoes and vegetables. Another version of the famous Skyros’ goat dish is goat accompanied with lemon sauce and hand-made pasta. Both dishes are more than delicious!

Tyropitaria or Teroptaria
Using the philosophy of a cheese pie, the Skyrians have created this amazing recipe where the pastry is made of flour, vinegar, olive oil, brown salt and water, and the filling is made of frumenty, brown rice, myzithra cheese, salt and pepper. Even though you may find them in different shapes, their taste remains fantastic!

Agalipes is a sea flower which is used in this unique recipe. The other ingredients are olive oil, flour, onions, salt, pepper and fennel. Firstly, onions are put in a pan without oil for a few minutes. Then olive oil is added till they turn reddish. Agalipes are added next and mixed till the pan ingredients become a pulp and then the flour, the fennel, the salt and pepper are added. The mixture is finally made into round balls and fried.

Ladopita (“Oil pie”)
This is a pie made of olive oil, flour, yeast and salt. It is an easy recipe, where the only “delay” is that the pastry has to “rest” for about an hour in a hot place before being fried.

Very tasteful dish where pastry is filled with an amazing mixture made of sweet pumpkin, onions, gruyere, cinnamon, peppermint, olive oil, salt and pepper. Marmarites are triangle pies, baked in the oven which are similar in appearance with pizza pieces.

Made of yeast, water, flour and salt, fried in vegetable oil and usually topped with honey, these delicious desserts are served in weddings.

Tasteful desserts made of quince that are first boiled and then baked in a pot and cut in little “fingers”. They are served in weddings along with tiganites.

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