Thassos was very famous for its wine production especially during the past years. A great number of about 300 hectars was cultivated with a distinctive vine which produced an excellent wine, considered to resemble to the Ancient Greek Wine.

A product that is greatly produced at Thassos and is related to wine production is “linoi”, the vessels where the grapes are smashed for their juices to be released.

Another local product of Thassos, as a typical product of Greece, is high quality honey and the royal pulp, the product of the bees used to feed their queen bee. This is proved to have miraculous attributes and great value for the human organization, though its taste is a little unpleasant.

Olive oil and Olives
Thassos is an island with lush vegetation and therefore olive trees could not but be amongst the island’s major cultivation. Fine quality olive oil, with its extraordinary effects on the human organization and also the basis for Mediterranean nutrition, is one of the island’s principal local products.

The Thassian olives are also pretty famous and especially the “Throumba” variety olive which is pretty popular for its unique taste and fine quality.

Marble and Minerals
Thassos is an island of crystal form geomorphology so its mineral wealth is great. In the past many mineral and marble mines operated on the island, which were abandoned as the island’s population started diminishing and the inhabitants started occupying themselves with tourism.

The Thassian marble is among the most valuable and fine quality marbles in Greece and the island’s inhabitants had started exporting it since the ancient times even to Asia Minor and Turkish coasts, as they had understood its fine quality and great durability. Thassian marble has a distinctive white-milky colour and a crystalline gradient. Examples of marble creations can be seen throughout the island even nowadays as well as the remains of old mines.

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