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The Volcanic Islands of Greece

Greece is a country that has been formed by several natural phenomena, the rash of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that have created a number of dramatic landscapes worth exploring.

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Solo Travel in Greece

This summer you are about to travel solo, make your own decisions and see the things that you wish to see at your own pace. You are thinking about travelling to Greece alone, but where? What is it that you seek the most? Which Greek island matches your profile?

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Best Carnivals in the Greek Islands

If you find yourself wondering around the islands of Greece during February don’t be alarmed if you encounter a witch, a dragon or a fairy on your way. Most likely they will offer you candy or ask you to dance and join them at the celebrations of the Greek Carnival.

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The Astonishing Shelters of Greece

Welcoming, hospitable, friendly and generous, the Greek islands have once again offered shelter to many refugees. These islands and their residents have stood by the side of those in need, of families, elders and children who had nowhere else to turn.

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The Blue Flag Beaches of Greece Win the World

Golden, white, exotic and tranquil, lacy and secluded, fully organized or remote, the beaches of Greece have conquered the world. Greece ranked 3rd out of 50 countries for the most ‘Blue Flag’ Beaches worldwide counting 395 beaches and 9 marinas in total for 2015.

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…Happily Ever After

It’s almost time for the big day and everything seems to be in order, everything other than the venue. You go through the magazines, the brochures and pamphlets and all of a sudden it simply makes sense… a picturesque chapel by the beach, a private reception by the pool, a honeymoon filled with authentic pleasures…Greeceis your dream venue.

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The Destinations of the Zodiac

Some believe that the signs of the zodiac can give us insightful predictions concerning our everyday life, our social, economic and relationship status as well as the future.

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