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Family Holidays in the Peloponnese

We are here to introduce you to a special place, a place emerging from a turbulent past amidst a rugged, natural landscape. A land where mysteries unfold, where legends unravel, where secrets awake in an atmosphere oozing tradition and medieval essence. The mystique land of Mani.

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Luxury Villa Holidays in Greece with Infinite Possibilities

Are you an independent-minded, savvy traveller wishing to experience the genuine side of Greece and the Greek islands? Seeking for authentic luxury villas to rent in Greece?

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Best Golf Destinations in Greece

In a land blessed by the beauties of nature, the breath-taking landscapes, the azure sea and the verdant slopes, outdoor activities are bound to be sensational. Offering an incredibly versatile range of fun-filled adventures from watersports, extreme sports, climbing, hiking, trekking, horseback riding and golfing, Greece is an all year round destination for sports enthusiasts and golf aficionados.

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The Delicious Local Cuisines of Greece

Influenced by history itself, by the emigrants, the travelers and conquerors, the Hellenic cuisine awakes memories from the past. Memories of triumphs and failures, of accomplishments and disasters, of victories and defeats. Scents and flavors from the East, from Asia Minor and Arabia, from Africa, Europe and the Americas that have been captured and reintroduced as authentic recipes in the local cuisines of Greece. Continue reading »

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10 Best Organized Camping Spots in Greece

Camping offers you the perfect opportunity to live close to nature, to spend some quality time with your beloved ones and socialize with strangers. It is the perfect time to free your mind from any worries and agendas and simply go with the flow.

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The Top 10 Castles of Greece

In a land of Kings & Queens, Masters and Knights there could only be a great number of fortresses, castles, palaces and fortified towns counting to more than a thousand, rich with history, heritage and tradition.

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Top Destinations for your Autumn Holidays in Greece, Vol 1

While the Greek summer is still in our hearts, we are looking forward for more holiday experiences filled with the colors of autumn coming from the red & orange leaves slowly falling from the trees and the smell of the first autumn rainfalls.

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Best Beaches in Greece

As summer reaches its peak, everything seems to magically evolve around holidays. No matter where you are or what it is you are doing, you can’t stop thinking of endless shorelines, sun kissed beaches and crystalline waters to simply bask in the sun and swim your worries away…you are secretly thinking of Greece and its unparalleled beaches.

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Outdoor Winter Thrills in Greece

In Greece, there are plenty of choices regarding winter outdoor activities and sports. The country’s exceptional climate and geomorphology allow travelers to both enjoy some of the most invigorating activities while at the same time discover a breadth of scenic landscapes.

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Pre-Christmas Weekend Escapes

As the countdown to Christmas has begun, you may feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to plan for the holidays…So, take a deep breath and get away for the weekend at some of the most exceptional locations of Greece.

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Messinia: A Colourful Mosaic of Gastronomy, Nature, Culture & Leisure

Messinia is an unadulterated region in the south-western Peloponnese; a region in Greece not acknowledged by many but yet blessed with the riches of its land, the mind-blowing eco-system, the extraordinary culture and the most thrilling leisure activities most can ever dream of.

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Swim, Run & Ride through the historic city of Nafplion

Nafplion, the glorious capital of Argolida, is known not only for its beauty but also for its cultural heritage. The Palamidi fortress, the Arvanitia Promenade, the Bastion of “Pende Adelphia” and the fortified island of Bourtzi are only some of the points of interest someone can visit in Nafplion and unwind his senses in this picturesque city of the Peloponnese.

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May Day Guide to Sustainable Travel in Greece

Spring has arrived and nature is painting the most inspiring canvas. A canvas which, if not taken care of, would literally become invisible in the near future. Environmental protection is no longer simply a desirable effort but a core consideration for us all. Many eco-social initiatives have been implemented in the last decade and Greece has become a great supporter of environmental efforts with many sustainable sites to account for.

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Corinth: The Land where Myths Unfold Between two Seas

Follow the path of a legend; seek your trail through the glistening lakes, the blue lagoons and the winding rivers of Corinth as if you have been destined to find the Nemean Lion or the Stymphalian birds from the labours of Hercules in Lake Stymphalia.

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Natural Treasure Trails: 3. The Ambrosial Journey of the Grape

From Noah’s farm to the Last Supper and the ancient Greek symposiums, grape has been regarded as the gift of life, a life blossoming in the Greek lands in abundance since antiquity. With more than 300 indigenous grape varieties grown in the country, Greece is par excellence a country of long winemaking tradition.

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