Best Beaches in Greece

As summer reaches its peak, everything seems to magically evolve around holidays. No matter where you are or what it is you are doing, you can’t stop thinking of endless shorelines, sun kissed beaches and crystalline waters to simply bask in the sun and swim your worries away…you are secretly thinking of Greece and its unparalleled beaches.

best beaches in greece

But when the time comes to pick the best one to visit, you are certainly puzzled as there are so many spectacular beaches scattered throughout Greece…

Therefore, we’ve gathered for you the best 20 beaches in all of Greece. Take a sneak peek and plan your visit!

1.       Navagio Beach

navagio beach

An oasis with traces from the past

2.       Sarakiniko

sarakiniko beach

Summer’s Lunar Landscape

  • Milos
  • Stones
  • Non-organized

 3.       Porto Katsiki

porto katsiki

Gazing at the endless Ionian

 4.       Lalaria

lalaria beach

An astonishing marvel of nature

 5.       Agios Prokopios

agios prokopios

Reflections of summer fun

 6.       Balos Beach

balos beach

The fairy lagoon of Crete

  • Crete
  • Sand
  • Non-organized

 7.       St Paul’s Bay, Lindos

st.paul bay

A picturesque bay enveloped by nature

 8.       Myrtos

myrtos beach

The refined white path to the sea

 9.       Voidokoilia


All shades of blue meet the sun

  • Messinia
  • Sand
  • Non-organized

 10.   Elafonisi

elafonisi beach

Tales from the Sea

 11.   Mylopotas

mylopotas beach

Stretches of golden grace

  • Ios
  • Sand
  • Organized

 12.   Plaka Beach

plaka beach

Eyes on the open sea

 13.   Vai Beach

vai beach

The palm tree oasis of Crete

 14.   Kathisma Beach

kathisma beach

A landmark of white and fluorescent blue

15.   Kavourotrypes


The marvels of nature awake

 16.   Koukounaries


Glimpses of Verdant allure

 17.   Simos Beach

simos beach

The cape of miracles

  • Elafonissos
  • Sand
  • Organized

 18.   Mavra Volia

mavra volia

Volcanic owe in a black gown

  • Chios
  • Pebbles
  • Non-organized

 19.   Seychelles


A hidden treasure

  • Ikaria
  • Pebble and Sand
  • Non-Organized

 20.   Voutoumi


Paradise lost, paradise found!

You’ve seen them all and now there is only one thing left to do.

Arrange your summer holidays in Greece and immerse in its endless azure…


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