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Alternative Accommodation in Greece

It’s been a norm to select a luxury beach resort, a city boutique hotel or rooms and apartments to rent for your holidays in Greece. We are here to open your perspective to your choices of accommodation in Greece as this place has much more to offer than the norm.

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11+1 Remarkable Destinations for Villa Holidays in Greece (Vol II)

We are now back with 7 more remarkable destinations for your villa holidays in Greece. Ready to check them out?

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Top Naturist Beaches in Greece

If you feel that you’ve had enough with all the “must do’s” and “have to’s” going on in your life maybe, it’s time for you to escape from your everyday routine. Time to leave your worries and anxiety behind and find your way back to nature.

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Natural Treasure Trails 7: Honey: The Immortal Journey of Ambrosia

Honey has been valued by the Greeks for more than 3000 years; it was the main source of nutrition for the immortal Olympian Gods and the heavenly gift offered by Zeus for the rebirth of the mortals. Whereas honeybees come from far lands there is something in Greek honey that cannot be matched…its essence…the godly spirit of Ambrosia.

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Instagram Users Deified the Greek Summer

The Greek summer is cherished every year by all social media users. If one browses the hashtag #greeksummer or #greekislands and the “like” on the various online platforms, they will have a sip of the heady Greek summer by users that were already seduced by what Greece has to offer during summertime!

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Greece: 10 “Wonders” Why

Despite its small size Greece holds a full cabinet of wonders, ten of which unveil the reasons why a visit to Greece is a wonder in itself. Embrace yourself with friends and:

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Green Oasis in Greece!

Sun, sea, green landscapes… Gifted surroundings make up the magnificent backdrop of Greece. Travellers, fans of the eco-friendly trend, indulge in fresh air and natural havens where flora blends with water as the pine trees reach the shoreline and reflect their emerald colour in the cooling waters of the Greek sea…

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Fairytale sunsets in Greece!

Dream of the perfect setting…a cosy and romantic private spot, the summer breeze on your skin and in front of you the overwhelming view of a sunset sinking in the sea or hiding behind the shadow of an island…You are in Greece!

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Thassos: the floating forest!

If you dream of a holiday in a mesmerizing setting combining white sand, turquoise waters and lush vegetation where mountainous landscapes, natural springs and rivers are a breath away from golden coasts, then Thassos Island is your dream place!

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