Alternative Accommodation in Greece

It’s been a norm to select a luxury beach resort, a city boutique hotel or rooms and apartments to rent for your holidays in Greece. We are here to open your perspective to your choices of accommodation in Greece as this place has much more to offer than the norm.

accommodation in greece

Depending on the period of your visit and the reason for your travels here is a list with 9 accommodation alternatives for your stay in Greece.

1. Colours Chalet

Colours Chalet

Colorful Interiors – Eco-friendly Stay – Authentic Living
Type of Accommodation: Countryside Chalet

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2. The Ranch

The Ranch

Wild West – Action Sports – Entertainment – Animals
Type of Accommodation: Ranch

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3. Archontiko Chatzigaki-Pertouli

Archontiko Chatzigaki-Pertouli

Long History – Verdant Landscape – Bygone Era
Type of Accommodation: Mansion

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4. Chalet Azania’s

Chalet Azania’s

Firry Slopes – Magical Landscape – Traditional Accommodation
Type of Accommodation: Winter Chalet

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5. Mount Athos

Mount Athos

Holy Grounds – Spiritual Awakenings -Fairy-Surroundings
Type of Accommodation: Monastery

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6. Villa Byblos Chateaux

Villa Byblos Chateaux

Idyllic Hideaway – Timeless charm – Fragrant Gardens
Type of Accommodation: Chateaux

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7. Eagles Palace

Eagles palace

Sheer Magic – Subtle Elegance – Unpretentious Luxury
Type of Accommodation: Bungalows

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8. Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel

Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel

Inner Balance – Inspiring Luxury – Unparalleled Wellness
Type of Accommodation: Spa hotel

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9. Eagles Villas

Eagles villas

Enchanting Region – Sublime Haven – Outstanding Gastronomy
Type of Accommodation: Villas

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Whether travelling on your honeymoon, on religious purposes, wellness or culture, your choices of accommodation in Greece are endless. First decide on the reason of your holiday and then match that reason with the accommodation option that relates the most.

Get ready to rejuvenate your senses, elevate your spirit or ski your troubles away at some of the best regions in Greece.



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