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The Secrets of the Greek Mountains

With myths and legends, history and traditions shaping Greece from the ancient times to the day, every land, every sea and every mountain hides a secret behind its glory. But secrets are meant to be revealed, remembered and treasured.

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Top Destinations for your Autumn Holidays in Greece, Vol 1

While the Greek summer is still in our hearts, we are looking forward for more holiday experiences filled with the colors of autumn coming from the red & orange leaves slowly falling from the trees and the smell of the first autumn rainfalls.

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Cycladia’s New Year Resolution: Open your Eyes to TRAVEL

Whether your new year’s resolution is to stay fit, eat healthy, spend more time with your family, learn something new, enjoy life to the fullest, find or embrace love, give back to the community, relax, care for the environment or simply have more fun, there is one word that sums it all up: TRAVEL.

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It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas…in Greece

It’s almost Christmas but you’ve been so occupied with your everyday routine that you have completely forgotten how it feels to count down to the holidays. The only thing that slightly makes you feel like Christmas is the sound of the Christmas carols and the numerous Santas you encounter in shopping centers on your way home from work.

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Get EGGstatic Over Hellenic Tradition

Easter in Greece is celebrated with deeply rooted customs and traditions. From the beginning of the Passion Week to the feast of Easter Sunday we have followed the festivities, the local recipes and cultural norms taking place throughout the country during this season.

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The Colours of Christmas in Destinations

Woven into our society for hundreds of years, the Christmas colour theme of red & green has never been questioned, just simply adopted, from the Garden of Eden and the Paradise tree with green symbolizing life, rebirth, nature and relaxation versus red inspiring desire and passion.

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Instagram Users Deified the Greek Summer

The Greek summer is cherished every year by all social media users. If one browses the hashtag #greeksummer or #greekislands and the “like” on the various online platforms, they will have a sip of the heady Greek summer by users that were already seduced by what Greece has to offer during summertime!

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Greece: 10 “Wonders” Why

Despite its small size Greece holds a full cabinet of wonders, ten of which unveil the reasons why a visit to Greece is a wonder in itself. Embrace yourself with friends and:

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Pelion: The Mythical Mountainscape

Combining the mystique aura of the mountain and the refreshing breeze of the sea, Pelion is the ultimate mountainscape for all year round holidays. Also known as the mountain of Centaurs, the half-human, half-horse creature from the Greek mythology, Pelion is a verdant holiday realm between the Aegean Sea & the Pagasetic Gulf.

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