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10 Best Free Camping Spots in Greece

We recently gave you some ideas for the best organized spots in Greece.

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10 Best Organized Camping Spots in Greece

Camping offers you the perfect opportunity to live close to nature, to spend some quality time with your beloved ones and socialize with strangers. It is the perfect time to free your mind from any worries and agendas and simply go with the flow.

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The New Era of Agrotourism in Greece

Greece is a country filled with fertile lands, volcanic soils, abundant sunlight, high mountains and verdant valleys. A country with crops and livestock worth discovering and exploring. Agrotourism enthusiasts are welcome to delve into the authentic agricultural way of living in Greece, follow the agricultural traditions and experience the rural heritage of a country dating back to the beginning of time…

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The Astonishing Shelters of Greece

Welcoming, hospitable, friendly and generous, the Greek islands have once again offered shelter to many refugees. These islands and their residents have stood by the side of those in need, of families, elders and children who had nowhere else to turn.

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Cycladia’s New Year Resolution: Open your Eyes to TRAVEL

Whether your new year’s resolution is to stay fit, eat healthy, spend more time with your family, learn something new, enjoy life to the fullest, find or embrace love, give back to the community, relax, care for the environment or simply have more fun, there is one word that sums it all up: TRAVEL.

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The 12 Family Cheers of Xmas in Greece

The 12 days of Christmas are the days counting from Christmas to Epiphany. Cycladia welcomes you to experience the most exceptional Christmas holidays in Greece with the 12 Family Cheers of Christmas.

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July’s Fest Calendar

Just in time for the festive rush of the season Cycladia has gathered for you the hottest festivals of July in its exclusive Fest Calendar. Pick the date and location of your preference and step into the summer’s swing.

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Feel free to free your feelings: 10 + 1 best places for Yoga in Greece

Greece is the land of ancient Gods, the land where the Sun had been worshipped as in no other place. Greece is the country where one can definitely find the ultimate destination for their relaxation and contemplation.

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The Insular Biotope of Evia

We are gradually becoming a premium segment of an artificial life environment leaving nature and its intrinsic properties aside. It is time to dig up our green consciousness, leave our comfort zone and embrace nature to the fullest. The best place to start your eco-quest is the island of Evia so prepare for a biotope adventure that will inundate you with twists and turns, splashes and sparks, waves and oscillations.

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