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The Top Historical Sites of Greece

History buffs visiting Greece will rejoice and be astounded by the historical sites that they will encounter. At the same time, they will be very confused when trying to figure out which historical site to visit next.

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15 best places to visit in Greece

The country of Greece has been blessed with abundant natural beauty, with endless blue seas and high mountains, with fertile lands and good soil, with a long heritage and past.

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10 Best Greek Islands for Couples (Vol I)

Summer and romance go hand in hand in the Greek islands. The cobalt blue seas, the sun kissed shores, the crimson sunsets and candle light dinners under the open sky create a romantic setting beyond imaginable.

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11+1 Remarkable Destinations for Villa Holidays in Greece (Vol II)

We are now back with 7 more remarkable destinations for your villa holidays in Greece. Ready to check them out?

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Top Naturist Beaches in Greece

If you feel that you’ve had enough with all the “must do’s” and “have to’s” going on in your life maybe, it’s time for you to escape from your everyday routine. Time to leave your worries and anxiety behind and find your way back to nature.

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The Top 10 Castles of Greece

In a land of Kings & Queens, Masters and Knights there could only be a great number of fortresses, castles, palaces and fortified towns counting to more than a thousand, rich with history, heritage and tradition.

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Top Destinations for your Autumn Holidays in Greece, Vol 2

Greece is a country popular for its natural beauty, its amazing landscapes and hospitality warmth, its cities, villages and islands worth visiting all year round.

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The Astonishing Shelters of Greece

Welcoming, hospitable, friendly and generous, the Greek islands have once again offered shelter to many refugees. These islands and their residents have stood by the side of those in need, of families, elders and children who had nowhere else to turn.

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Best Beaches in Greece

As summer reaches its peak, everything seems to magically evolve around holidays. No matter where you are or what it is you are doing, you can’t stop thinking of endless shorelines, sun kissed beaches and crystalline waters to simply bask in the sun and swim your worries away…you are secretly thinking of Greece and its unparalleled beaches.

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The 12 Family Cheers of Xmas in Greece

The 12 days of Christmas are the days counting from Christmas to Epiphany. Cycladia welcomes you to experience the most exceptional Christmas holidays in Greece with the 12 Family Cheers of Christmas.

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Summer holidays for all tastes in Greece. Part 1

A famous destination for summer holidays magically combining history, culture, tradition and gastronomy, Greece offers a wide variety of islands and mainland regions for all tastes, preferences and moods.

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The Blue Flag Beaches of Greece Win the World

Golden, white, exotic and tranquil, lacy and secluded, fully organized or remote, the beaches of Greece have conquered the world. Greece ranked 3rd out of 50 countries for the most ‘Blue Flag’ Beaches worldwide counting 395 beaches and 9 marinas in total for 2015.

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July’s Fest Calendar

Just in time for the festive rush of the season Cycladia has gathered for you the hottest festivals of July in its exclusive Fest Calendar. Pick the date and location of your preference and step into the summer’s swing.

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Rhodes Fairyland of Senses

Reflecting the amorous appeal of Rhodes Island, the romantic beachfront hotel of Elite Suites offers a fairyland of senses for couples in search for a dream seascape on the beach of Ixia.

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Conquer the waters, defy the air

The geomorphology of Greece is ideal for every kind of sport; sea, rivers, lakes, cliffs, mountains are all there waiting for you to have a pinch of adrenaline.

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