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Top Naturist Beaches in Greece

If you feel that you’ve had enough with all the “must do’s” and “have to’s” going on in your life maybe, it’s time for you to escape from your everyday routine. Time to leave your worries and anxiety behind and find your way back to nature.

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The Astonishing Shelters of Greece

Welcoming, hospitable, friendly and generous, the Greek islands have once again offered shelter to many refugees. These islands and their residents have stood by the side of those in need, of families, elders and children who had nowhere else to turn.

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Fest Calendar of August & September

Following the festive month of July Cycladia returns with the Fest Calendar of August & September featuring some of the most exciting festivals of the season.

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The Destinations of the Zodiac

Some believe that the signs of the zodiac can give us insightful predictions concerning our everyday life, our social, economic and relationship status as well as the future.

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