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The Top Historical Sites of Greece

History buffs visiting Greece will rejoice and be astounded by the historical sites that they will encounter. At the same time, they will be very confused when trying to figure out which historical site to visit next.

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Alternative Accommodation in Greece

It’s been a norm to select a luxury beach resort, a city boutique hotel or rooms and apartments to rent for your holidays in Greece. We are here to open your perspective to your choices of accommodation in Greece as this place has much more to offer than the norm.

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It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas…in Greece

It’s almost Christmas but you’ve been so occupied with your everyday routine that you have completely forgotten how it feels to count down to the holidays. The only thing that slightly makes you feel like Christmas is the sound of the Christmas carols and the numerous Santas you encounter in shopping centers on your way home from work.

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Conquer the waters, defy the air

The geomorphology of Greece is ideal for every kind of sport; sea, rivers, lakes, cliffs, mountains are all there waiting for you to have a pinch of adrenaline.

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Corinth: The Land where Myths Unfold Between two Seas

Follow the path of a legend; seek your trail through the glistening lakes, the blue lagoons and the winding rivers of Corinth as if you have been destined to find the Nemean Lion or the Stymphalian birds from the labours of Hercules in Lake Stymphalia.

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