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A Taste of Lefkada-5 Must Taste Dishes

The beautiful island of Lefkada on the west coast of Greece is world renowned for its exotic beaches, its astonishing landscape and strong winds. It is also preferred for its amazing local cuisine and authentic recipes that will leave you asking for more.

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Best Beaches in Greece

As summer reaches its peak, everything seems to magically evolve around holidays. No matter where you are or what it is you are doing, you can’t stop thinking of endless shorelines, sun kissed beaches and crystalline waters to simply bask in the sun and swim your worries away…you are secretly thinking of Greece and its unparalleled beaches.

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Summer holidays for all tastes in Greece. Part 2

Continuing the summer travel guide to the best Greek Islands, Cycladia uncovers the rest of Greece’s hidden gems and preferred destinations.

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The Blue Flag Beaches of Greece Win the World

Golden, white, exotic and tranquil, lacy and secluded, fully organized or remote, the beaches of Greece have conquered the world. Greece ranked 3rd out of 50 countries for the most ‘Blue Flag’ Beaches worldwide counting 395 beaches and 9 marinas in total for 2015.

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Conquer the waters, defy the air

The geomorphology of Greece is ideal for every kind of sport; sea, rivers, lakes, cliffs, mountains are all there waiting for you to have a pinch of adrenaline.

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