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Time for Aperitivo in Athens

Are you familiar with the concept of Aperitivo? Well, as you can tell from the sound of it, it is Italian. The actual word describes a drink served before dinner but the concept and new trend of Aperitivo refers to a drink served along with a buffet or finger food at selected restaurants around 18.00-19.00. Sounds good right?

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Welcome the Wine Season in Greece

Did you know that there are more than 176 official wine producers all over Greece and more than 134 wine varieties ranging from red to white, rose, sweet, sparkling, dry and retsina? Well, now you do, and Cycladia is also here to inform you that the months of September and October are the two months of the year dedicated to wine.

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A Taste of Lefkada-5 Must Taste Dishes

The beautiful island of Lefkada on the west coast of Greece is world renowned for its exotic beaches, its astonishing landscape and strong winds. It is also preferred for its amazing local cuisine and authentic recipes that will leave you asking for more.

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Where to Ride your Bike in Athens

As a matter of fact, anywhere you choose to ride your bike in Athens you will be bedazzled by the picturesque neighborhoods, the parks and neoclassical buildings, the historic monuments, the ancient sites and attractions.

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Cycladia’s Top Greek Island Picks for 2019

All Greek islands are equally spectacular, with stunningly beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, breath-taking landscapes and culinary temptations worth savouring.

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The “Hot” Beaches of Attica

Now that the heat is rising to record-breaking levels in the heart of Athens its surely not the time for sightseeing, window shopping or strolling around. It is the time to escape the heat with a refreshing swim at some of the best beaches in Attica.

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Check out the Most Exquisite Ancient Greek Inventions

This summer step into the depths of ancient history and uncover the inventions that Greeks contributed to the world.
For the months of June and July, Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology will be showcasing the most renowned hi-tech inventions of the ancient Greeks.

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The most Intriguing Local Feasts and Festivals in Halkidiki

Featuring some of the most mesmerizing landscapes in northern Greece, golden sandy beaches, emerald waters and natural wonders, Halkidiki is considered a top summer destination. Besides its sheer beauty, Halkidiki is a mecca of happenings, of cultural events, feasts and festivals worth attending.

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Athens Open-air Film Festival

This summer, fellow film enthusiasts are welcome to enjoy some of the most iconic movies against the backdrop of historic Athens and its legendary landmarks.

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Top 10 Greek Islands for 2019

With approximately 6,000 islands in total and countless other destinations worth visiting in its mainland, Greece features so many holiday options that it is quite difficult to decide where to head to.

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Best Golf Destinations in Greece

In a land blessed by the beauties of nature, the breath-taking landscapes, the azure sea and the verdant slopes, outdoor activities are bound to be sensational. Offering an incredibly versatile range of fun-filled adventures from watersports, extreme sports, climbing, hiking, trekking, horseback riding and golfing, Greece is an all year round destination for sports enthusiasts and golf aficionados.

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Top 5 Acropolis-View Restaurants

Spring is the best season to visit Athens! Why not combine your stay with a unique dining experience with breathtaking views?

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A Taste of Ithaca – 5 Must Taste Dishes

Ithaca is an island known for its mythical past, its laid-back character and authentic flavors and aromas. While in the island, make sure to taste some of the locally produced goods as well as specialties commonly served in the Ionian Islands.

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The Delicious Local Cuisines of Greece

Influenced by history itself, by the emigrants, the travelers and conquerors, the Hellenic cuisine awakes memories from the past. Memories of triumphs and failures, of accomplishments and disasters, of victories and defeats. Scents and flavors from the East, from Asia Minor and Arabia, from Africa, Europe and the Americas that have been captured and reintroduced as authentic recipes in the local cuisines of Greece. Continue reading »

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Best Kept Secrets for Nature Lovers in Greece

Greece is more than Athens, Thessaloniki and Mykonos. It is a country blessed with abundant natural wonders from side to side for nature lovers to enjoy. Continue reading »

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