Top 10 Choices of Greek Comfort Food

Greek food in general is considered comfort food by definition as it brings back childhood memories and makes you feel happy and satisfied.

Cycladia has gathered for you the top 10 choices of comfort food in Greece that are considered the highlights of our home cooked meals.


1. Fresh fried potatoes with fried eggs

Fresh fried potatoes with fried eggs are by far the number one choice when it comes to comfort food in any Greek household. It is what your grandma cooks for you when you don’t like the actual meal of the day or you make yourself after a long day of school or work.


2. Omelette

Another classic comfort food choice is the omelet as it is easy to make any time of the day with anything you keep in your fridge.


3. Baked chicken and potatoes

One of the most classic dishes one can enjoy in a Greek household is baked chicken and potatoes that can come in many variations.


4. Spaghetti Bolognese

The Greek version of Spaghetti Bolognese with graviera or mizithra cheese is a dish most Greek families enjoy.


5. Greek Stuffed Vegetables (Gemista)

Yet another comfort food with a sense of nostalgia as it awakens your childhood memories, perfect for a cold winter day or even a meal right after you went swimming to the beach.


6. Chicken soup

If you feel sick in any way, expect a chicken soup for lunch, as Greek moms consider it to be the best medicine for everything.


7. Traditional pies

Any pie, cheese or spinach, sweet or salty is considered a top comfort food choice.


8. Pastitsio

A traditional Greek dish with pasta, creamy sauce and minced meat that will always make you happy.


9. Mousakas

Another traditional recipe with so many ingredients such as potatoes, eggplants, zucchini, minced meat and creamy sauce that will certainly excite your palates as well as attitude.


10. Giouvarlakia

Perfect for the cold winter days, this meatball-type soup will give you a sense of comfort and happiness.

The list could go on and on as all of the Mediterranean gastronomy has been designed to comfort you, to soothe the soul and make you feel happy. We have selected only a few but you are welcome to try them all.



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