Ways to “travel” to Greece without travelling

You are fond of the Greek culture, the Greek spirit and vivid temperament, the gorgeous islands, glorious beaches and long-lasting heritage but due to the coronavirus crisis, travelling to Greece is out of the question. So how can you travel to this beautiful country without actually travelling?


Cycladia is here to offer you suggestions that will make you feel as if you were in Greece now that you must stay at home. Let’s begin.

1. Greek Movies


Watch the movie series of Mama Mia filmed at some of the most beautiful beaches and towns of Skopelos island and embrace the authentic Greek way of living with the movie series of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

2. Greek Food


Now that all restaurants are closed, savor the essence of the Greek land by cooking yourself a selection of signature Greek dishes such as Mousakas, Pastitsio, stuffed vine leaves, souvlaki and pies.

3. Greek Books


Build your knowledge by reading a book by Greek scientists, philosophers and tragedians such as Aristotle, Socrates, Archimedes and Sophocles that will change your perspective in life and give you a sense of the Greek heritage.

4. Greek Superfoods


Adopt a healthy way of living with indoor yoga practices and ancient Greek superfoods that will boost your immune system.

5. Greek Music


Listen to traditional Greek folk music, dimotika, nisiotika and rebetika, dance your troubles away to the festive tunes and sense Greece as if being here for real.

With such a long history, heritage and tradition, sure there are many more things that can connect you to Greece. Begin with Cycladia’s suggestions and find your own connection on the way.

Enjoy your travels!



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