Fest Calendar of August & September

Following the festive month of July Cycladia returns with the Fest Calendar of August & September featuring some of the most exciting festivals of the season.


August Fest Calendar



10th Dramaica Youth Festival

August Fest Calendar


August 4-7

Piges Agias Varvaras,


For the youth of our land this is an opportunity to shine. Participate at this summer festival and let your talent sparkle.


Ireon Rock Festival 2014

August Fest Calendar


August 7-8-9


Ireon music festival will be rocking the summer scene of Samos. Get ready to pump up your adrenaline with the most uplifting tunes of the season.


Chania Rock Festival 2014

August Fest Calendar


August 7-8-9

Chania Old Harbour

Step into the depths of rock while embraced by the medieval ambiance of Chania and be inspired!


Sarista Festival 2014

August Fest Calendar


August 8-9-10


Palia Vlahata, Samis

Attend the grand festival of the Ionian and dance the summer away, enjoy various music performances of Greek & foreign artists along with exhibitions of photography and crafts amidst a scenery beyond imagination.


In Vraxon Shadow 2014

August Fest Calendar



Vraxon theatre

In “Vraxon shadow” let the music travel you to the depths of summer with the lyrics and voices of some of the most amazing Greek performers.


16th Festival Varvaras

August Fest Calendar


August 1-2-3-4

Varvara, Halkidikis

Let the soothing Greek melodies lure you into summer’s magic at this upbeat event!


43rd Olympou Festival

August Fest Calendar



Regional ancient sites

Climb up the summit of culture through art, dance, music, theatre and many more outstanding artistic performances.


57th Filippon Festival

August Fest Calendar




Participate at this cultural fiesta of theatrical performances and readings of ancient and modern masterpieces.


As a great supporter of all cultural and creative projects of Hellenic inspiration Cycladia wishes you an extra festive summer season!



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