Fairytale sunsets in Greece!

Dream of the perfect setting…a cosy and romantic private spot, the summer breeze on your skin and in front of you the overwhelming view of a sunset sinking in the sea or hiding behind the shadow of an island…You are in Greece!

Sunset in Greece is the perfect romantic background for loving couples, honeymoons or even wedding proposals. It is the most colorful expression of the sky right before the stars take their place. Especially when we refer to a seaside location, the sunset colours paint the sea surface and the sun seems to dive into the horizon…

Wherever you find yourselves in Greece, a magical sunset will be right at your feet, ready to enchant you…


The ultimate watching-the-sunset island: Santorini

Against the magical backdrop of Caldera, sunsets in Santorini are definitely a form of art…Relish the best sunset view from the Canaves Oia Santorini luxury hotel private restaurant (with only 2 tables)..  If you wish for the magic to last longer, enjoy a 5-hour sunset cruise savouring the moments of the mesmerizing sunset, while the professionals of Sunset Oia Santorini sailing yacht rentals take care of all the details.

The other side of the sunset: Mykonos

While Mykonos is considered to be the ultimate party destination, it is also an island of unparalleled beauty and romanticism. Discover how the sunset majestically emerges right before your eyes from a hotel’s pool and lounge area..

Stay at Porto Mykonos, a 4 star hotel in Mykonos , where the sunset unfolds its shiny colours from the hotel’s pool area…

Indulge into the privacy of your luxury space at Zinas Villas, the Mykonos luxury Villas , where you have the chance to stare at the panoramic view of the sapphire sea and the iridescent sunset…

View of the sunset from the north: Halkidiki and Thassos

Ilio Mare Thassos luxury hotel lets you admire the sunset from the comfort of your seafront deluxe suite while the 4 star hotel in Thassos Atrium gives you the chance to watch the sunset while enjoying an afternoon meal at the hotel’s a la cart tavern overlooking the beach spreading in front…
Watch the sun sink into the sea from the private gold sandy beach in the 5 star hotel & spa in Halkidiki , Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa.

A sunset like no other: Milos

The most romantic sunset can be seen from the outdoor Jacuzzi at the Melian Boutique Hotel & Spa terrace with the companionship of a glass of fine wine, a miraculous boutique hotel & spa in Milos and surely one of the best hotels in Milos.

The Ionian sunset experience: Kefalonia

Braunis Horio Villas, exclusive luxury villas on Kefalonia , with a unique selection of fine, newly built villas perched on a hill of the graphic Assos in Kefalonia, is renowned for the most breathtaking sunset of the Ionian…Right at the moment where the day meets the night, let the magic of the sunset view unfold in front of you!

Whatever your taste, sunsets all over Greece will definitely charm you. What would it be more splendid and lucent?

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