12 Best Roof Bars in Athens

The heat is reaching record heights and yet some of us are still waiting for the holidays. Even now, the city of Athens offers you plenty of choices for a refreshing break right in the heart of its bustling center.

So, if you wish to cool off after a long day at work, or simply catch up with friends pick one of our selected roof bars in Athens and cheer for the summer on the most refreshing note.

best roof bars athens


1. 360┬░ Cocktail Bar

360 roof bar athens

View: Acropolis
Highlight: Special Cocktails & special menus
Open: n/a
Ifestou 2, Monastiraki Square


2. Taratsa Bar

taratsa bar

View: Athens, Lycabettus
Highlight: Picnic Setting & Cocktails
Open: n/a
Xorostasio-(Skouleniou 2, 4th floor, Klauthmonos square

3. Loukoumi Bar

Loukoumi Bar athens

View: Athens, Observatory
Highlight: Live Music, Fashion Bazaars, Cocktails
Open: n/a
Avisinias square 3

4. 45 Degrees

45 degrees athens

View: Acropolis
Highlight: Rock atmosphere, video wall
Open: n/a
Voutadon 18, Gazi

5. Skyfall

skyfall bar athens

View: Acropolis
Highlight: Cocktail, mainstream and Latin dance scene
Open: n/a
Markou Mousourou 1, Mets

6. A for Athens


View: Acropolis, Monastiraki
Highlight: Awarded bartender-exceptional cocktails
Open: n/a
Miaouli 2-4 (Ermou), Athens

7. Santa Botella

santa botella
View: Athens
Highlight: Live bands, Djs, Refreshing cocktails
Open: n/a
Panormou 115, Ampelokipoi

8. Gazarte Taratsa


View: Athens
Highlight: Live bands, atmosphere
Open: n/a/
Voutadon str, 32-34, Gazi Square

9. Couleur Locale

Couleur Locale
View: Acropolis
Highlight: Cocktails, flavorsome snacks, alternative Djs
Open: throughout the day
Normanou 3, Monastiraki

10. BIOS

View: Acropolis
Highlight: Industrial design & dj nights
Open: n/a
Peiraios 84 (Salaminos), Athens

11. White Noise

White Noise

View: Athens
Highlight: Movie Themed nights
Open: n/a
Eumolpidon 20, Gazi

12. Scherzo-Apolis

View: Athens
Highlight: Cycladic ambiance
Open: n/a
Agiou Dimitriou hill, Petroupoli

These were only the 12 Cycladia proposals for the best roof bars in Athens. Stay tuned as Cycladia will soon present a “delicious” article┬áto further enjoy your summer!


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