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Top 5 Whit Monday Seascapes

Whit Monday also known as Monday of the Holy Spirit is a national holiday for most Greeks as well as for many other countries worldwide. It is a chance for all to salute the summer and take off for the first weekend summer break of the season.

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The Destinations of the Zodiac

Some believe that the signs of the zodiac can give us insightful predictions concerning our everyday life, our social, economic and relationship status as well as the future.

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Feel free to free your feelings: 10 + 1 best places for Yoga in Greece

Greece is the land of ancient Gods, the land where the Sun had been worshipped as in no other place. Greece is the country where one can definitely find the ultimate destination for their relaxation and contemplation.

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Gastronomic Pleasures Seasoned with Grace

Anchored on its philosophy of genuine hospitality and signature high quality service, the Grace luxury boutique hotel group adds some of its intriguing spice to the lands of Greece by offering an infinite palette of gastronomic pleasures to the wondrous islands of Mykonos, Santorini and Kea, all seasoned with grace.

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