Santorini Caldera through the eyes of Katikies Hotels.

Emerging from the depths of the seas like a lost Atlantis, Santorini Island provokes powerful emotions, from the moment one approaches the imposing Caldera, amongst the natural wonders of planet earth, created 3.500 years ago by a fascinating volcanic explosion in the Aegean Sea.

With steep rocky cliffs emerging from the Caldera basin, almost touching the sky, each natural element of the Island is here to remind us that Santorini does have a “divine” touch. The sun blends its colors with the volcanic soil, the beaches offers magnificent volcanic hues of red, black and white, the Caldera crystal deep waters invite us to dive and discover the sea bottom’s unique rocks…

Up high on the cliff, Oia and Firostefani appear like the perfect towns as they features Katikies Hotels, amongst the most exceptional luxury hotels nestled on rocky promontories of the rim that provide breathtaking panoramic views of the miraculous Santorini Caldera.

Katikies Hotels, the first Hotels on the Caldera cliffs to ever provide luxury personalized services and facilities, combined to a unique natural environment’s location, invite us to experience, through its famous and distinguished Katikies Hotel, Kirini Suites & Spa, Villa Katikies and Sun Rocks Hotel, unique moments of leisure.

As the rich soil gives a unique taste and distinguished aromas to all earth products, Katikies Hotels’ gourmet restaurants awake all our senses as they provide exceptional local gastronomy and wine tasting.

Discover Kirini Suites Spa’s White Cave Dinner restaurant and taste the Relais Châteaux gourmet selection that will amaze you. For sumptuous and romantic dining, Katikies restaurant of Katikies Hotel invites you for culinary pleasures on the secret rooftop veranda on the volcano rim. Experience all Katikies Hotels unique wine tasting degustations, while admiring the sunset. Feel the romance of Sun Rocks Hotel in Firostefani, sitting with your beloved in the highly atmospheric Elea Restaurant with amazing dishes that indulge the senses, whilst admiring phenomenal sunset views of the Caldera.

Whoever has experienced the magic of the Santorini Caldera, from the heart of Katikies Hotels and through their eyes, can write about it forever and ever.

Santorini is a place created by Gods you simply immediately fall in love with and that you will never forget…

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