Free Tours in Athens for December

The free tours of Athens’ most exceptional cultural sights and attractions continue all through December and you are given the opportunity to marvel up close part of our culture, our history and heritage, follow the city’s pulse and feel the vibrancy.

Let’s take a tour!

free tours athens

Friday, December 1st

183 years of the Capital of Athens


at 10:30 @The National Historic Museum


Saturday, December 2nd

The neighborhood of Psyri



at 10:30 @Monastiraki square

Benaki Museum

at 11:00 @ Museum’s Entrance


Sunday, December 3rd

The House Museum of Angelos and Leto Katakouzinos

The House Museum of Angelos and Leto Katakouzinos

at 17:00 @the Museum’s Entrance.


Saturday, December 9th

Museum of Islamic Art-Benaki



at 10:00 @Museum’s Entrance

National Archeological Museum

at 11:00 @ Museum’s Entrance

First Cemetery of Athens

at 15:00 @ Main Entrance


Sunday, December 10th




at 10:30 @the Entrance of the Archaeological site.


Thursday, December 14th

Benizelos Mansion – The bathhouse of the Winds



at 10:30 @Adrianou 96, Plaka.


Saturday, December 16th

Pnyx (The Hill of the Nymphs-The Hill of the Muses)


at 10:30 @Church of Agios Dimitrios Loumpardiaris, Filopappou

Athenian Trilogy (Academy, University, National Library)

at 10:30 @the entrance of the University.


Sunday, December 17th

Aristotle’s Lyceum (Peripatetic School)


at 10:30 @Rigilis 1 & Vasilissis Sofias.


Saturday, December 23rd

Museum of the City of Athens


at 10:30@Museum’s Entrance

Walk on Aiolou street

at 11:00 @Church of Agia Eirini.

This December prepare to walk through the paths of history, through the streets of Athens, the sights, museums and attractions and step back in time.

There is only limited availability for the tours so if interested please contact [email protected].



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