Top 10 unknown islands in Greece

Greece is a country of incredible variety and even though it’s small, it still has many unchartered heavens. Scattered in half a dozen archipelagos, there are numerous islands, unknown to many and secret to few. Cycladia urges you to discover them…

tranquil islands in Greece

Uncharted paradise…

Keros Island

The uninhabited island of Keros is located northwest of Amorgos. It has a substantial archeological interest and truly exotic beaches with white sand and turquoise blue waters.

Keros island Greece

Heracleia Island

An almost primitive haven, close to Naxos. Stress-free, quiet holidays in a small island with striking coves and crystal clear, cerulean waters.

Heracleia Island Cyclades Greece

Lihadonisia Island

Across from Kamena Vourla in Evia. These lushly vegetated, volcanic islets will make you think you are in the Caribbean!

Lihadonisia Island Greece

Vourvourou Islands

Just 10 km from Sithonia peninsula in Chalkidiki, these 9 islets are provokingly beautiful, all covered with pines that reach all the way to the emerald waters.

Vourvourou Island Greece

Psara Island

A forgotten land with a great historical past. A lost paradise with unbelievable natural beauty northwest of Chios in the northern Aegean.

Psara island in Greece

Kasos Island

A scenic, untouched island of the southern Aegean, between Crete and Karpathos. It nestles Marmara, one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, with amazing azure waters and fine, golden sand.

Kasos island Greece

Othonoi Island

One of the Diapontian Islets in the Ionian Sea. Covered with olive groves and cypress forests and boasting lovely beaches, it’s a favorite destination for the sailing aficionados.

Othonoi Island Greece

Trizonia Island

An idyllic island cluster in the Corinthian Gulf. Onassis was thinking about buying it before he finally bought Skoprios in the Ionian Sea.

Trizonia island in Greece

Angistri Island

A rather unknown Saronic Gulf islet, merely an hour from Athens. Pine forests, scenic coves with turquoise waters, lovely fish taverns and a totally relaxed atmosphere.

Angistri Island near Athens

Nisyros Island

A volcanic islet of the southern Aegean. The hot springs, the Venetian castle and the unearthly crater of Stefanos are among the island’s attractions.

Nisyros Island in Greece

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