Your Halki island mini-guide

Halki is a small island in the Dodecanese, Greece, that was designated the island of Peace and Friendship by UNESCO in 1983.

Welcome to Halki

If you’re looking for an unspoilt Greek island experience, then Halki is the perfect destination for a calm and relaxing holiday away from it all.

The first sight you get of the island is a sight of beauty that cannot be described in words: the only settlement that you will find on the island, the harbour settlement. Pastel shaded houses, built in terraces around the harbour, the church of St. Nikolas on the right and the clock tower beyond the town Hall in the middle. This might leave you with the impression you could discover the island in one day at most.

There’s a lot more to find, either by walking or taking the bus. You can go on a “journey” with knights, pirates and a lot of mouth-to-mouth tradition.

Halki Harbour

Things to do
You may relax on your terrace all day and enjoy the lovely local products that the island offers accompanied by a glass of ouzo or retsina. If you wish to enjoy more than just sun and beaches, you can head for the precious monasteries, footpaths to places of beautiful natural scenery and unforgettable views.

A lot of the lovely hotel and villa properties on the island of Halki allow you to swim in the crystal clear waters of the harbour, just in front of your terraces. There also amazing beaches on the island some so remote that can only be reached by boat. You can rent a little boat with your personal fisherman/captain to take you to one of these lovely spots.
The sandy beach of Pondamos is only a 10 minute walk from the harbour and Ftenagia, a small rocky beach behind the Chapel of St. Catherine, is only 15 minutes on foot. Trachia and Areta can be reached and discovered by caique. Bear in mind that there is also a mini-bus running daily to the accessible beaches on the island as well as a taxi (the only one on the island).

Eating out and delicacies
Nothing can beat the joy of the fresh fish and other sea-food delicacies, served in the 9 tavernas of the island. The variety of local delicacies is endless: balloon fish, great fish soups, fried fresh calamari (squid) and “germanoi” fish, salted whitebait and many more. The local island gastronomy is famous for the handmade pasta such as “koulia” and “makarounia”…the Italian touch of the Dodecanese!
After the mouthwatering lunch, you may enjoy a coffee or a drink at one of the 5 cafe bars right on the harbour front gazing at the Mediterranean Sea.

Halki Delicacies

Getting to Halki
Catch a flight from all major international airports to Rhodes and then, from Rhodes airport, catch the little ferry to Kamiros Skala, Halki, a route that lasts only 1 hour.

Visit Halki and get a glimpse of the untouched beauty of the Eastern Aegean!

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