Discover Athens on a Scooter

Athens is one of the oldest cities of the world capturing the glories of the past in its ancient monuments, architectural marvels and artistic grace. A city fusing the past with the modern era and the legends with contemporary spirit. A collection of picturesque neighborhoods, historic sights and attractions, shopping districts, culinary destinations and a vibrant nighttime scene only a breath away from some of the most stunningly beautiful beaches of Attica.

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Ready to ride back in time and into the future? Let’s explore Athens on a scooter with some of the most amazing tours.

Classic Tours

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Embark on a fun ride through the picturesque streets of Athens, the city’s major attractions and monuments, the cafes, bars and restaurants in its vibrant center. Just like sneaking a peek through a keyhole, seeing only the absolutely must-see.

Hip Tours

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Embrace the city’s pulse and vibrancy at the hippest and trendiest neighborhoods. Visit the popular square of Aghia Eirini with its alternative bars and pubs, the bohemian neighborhood of Exarcheia preferred by the artists and the intellectuals, the area of Koukaki with the neoclassical houses and the aristocratic neighborhood of Kolonaki frequented by the chic and the elite.

Landmark Tours

Athens City Tour

If you are more of a history buff then head for the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Ancient Agora and the enchanting neighborhoods of Anafiotika and Plaka. Visit the House of the Parliament, stay for the Change of the Guards and then make a stop at the National Garden and Zappeion.

Sea & Sun Tours

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For a refreshing break set off to explore the most wondrous beaches of Attica, cruise the golden coast and get ready to bask in the sun or dive in the crystalline waters of the sea.

Shopping Tours

Top Scooter tours athens

Perfect for shopaholics, this tour has been specially designed for the incurable fashionistas suggesting several shopping routes for all styles and budgets. From the heart of Athens with the departments stores to the streets of Kolonaki with the designer boutiques get ready to shop ‘til you drop!

Culinary Tours

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Food aficionados prepare your taste buds for a fusion of tantalizing flavors, from street food to Hellenic gourmet inspirations and local wine labels that will broaden your perception of culinary excellence.

Architectural Masterpieces Tours

Athens Scooter Tours

From the classical marvels of the Parthenon, the Propylaia and the Panathenaic Stadium to the Neoclassical jewels of Athens, the National Library, the Benaki Museum and the National University of Athens, everywhere you turn an architectural masterpiece awaits. From ancient to contemporary such as the Olympic Stadium, the Onassis Cultural Center and the New Acropolis Museum, get ready to explore the architectural gems of Athens.

Discovering Athens on a scooter allows you to stop and go as you please, to explore some monuments in depth and skip others according to your own personal interest. To stop for a bite or a fruit-infused cocktail, to pose for a selfie and post your tour’s most important highlights on social media.

You can rent a scooter from many companies in Athens and arrange a tour according to your preference or simply explore Athens your way.

Feel like riding yet?


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