Let’s Shake it in Athens: the 10 Best Cocktail Bars Downtown

Blending the energy of the city with the refreshing breeze of the summer and the aromas of the Greek nature, the finest cocktail bars in Athens have managed to capture the essence of the season in a glass.

Best Cocktail Bars

Let’s walk the streets of the centre and visit one by one the best cocktail bars in town.

Crazy Daizy Cocktail Bar

Crazy Daisy

In the heart of the downtown Crazy Daisy welcomes guests to enjoy the most intriguing flavours in a stylish vintage environment. Enjoy signature cocktails with Nutella syrup and peanut butter from a nursing bottle or an ice-cream cone and discover a new world of tastes!

Romvis 18, Athens
Tel:  +30 210 3210924

Momix Cocktail Bar


Molecular mixology lands in the heart of Athens, in an intriguing space inspired by industrial design. Flavours are shaped and transformed into mousse, jelly and bubbles of liquor allowing visitors to experience a frenzy of the senses.

1-5 Keleou Str, Gazi, Athens
Tel: +30 6974350179

Tiki Cocktail Bar

Tiki Bar

Mixing the lounge, elegant and punk life style, Tiki Bar is rightfully regarded one of the most favourable cocktail bars in Athens.

15 Falirou Str, Makrygianni, Athens
Tel: +30 210 9236908

Bardot Cocktail Bar


Entering the scene of mixology, Bardot is a minimal, bistro-like cocktail bar featuring some the finest blends in Athens.  Try a signature cocktail and see for yourself.

50 Skoufa Str, Kolonaki, Athens
Tel: +30 694533876

Keyser Soze Cocktail Bar

Keyser Soze

In a film noir setting, this new cocktail bar near Monastiraki enlivens the senses with its mainstream music choices and the exquisite cocktail blends.

12 Avramiotou Str, Monastiraki, Athens
Tel: +30 210 3234331

The Gin Joint Cocktail Bar

The Gin Joint

The King of Gin dances to the tunes of jazz swing in an atmosphere inspired by the American culture of the 1920’s. Make sure to let “Jack outside the box” or ask the bartender to prepare a «sur mesure» cocktail tailored to your desires.

1 Xristou Lada Str, Karytsi sq., Athens
Tel: +30 210 3218646

The Speakeasy Cocktail Bar

The Speakeasy

Find your way to this secret spot of rejoice in the heart of Athens. The retro feel, the divine flavours and elegant atmosphere take you back to a bygone era.  Where? Well let’s give you a hint, it is somewhere behind Sintagma… ask the pedestrians, eventually you’ll figure it out!

…Sintagma, Athens

Zaxari & Alati Cocktail Bar

Zahari & Alati

Sophisticated & minimal Zaxari & Alati offers an extra flair of chic to the cocktail life of Athens. On the second floor of a neoclassical building the arty fellows of Athens enjoy an extensive list of inspiring cocktails to the sound of blues.

47 Valetsiou Str, Exarhia, Athens
Tel: +30 210 3801253

Dos Agaves Cocktail Bar

Dos Agaves

Constituting the perfect spot for the tequila fanatics, this cocktail bar in Monastiraki features more than 90 types of tequila and signature cocktails with pomegranate, chocolate and exotic flavours from all corners of the earth.

12 Avramiotou Str, Monastiraki, Athens
Tel: +30 6955587757

Baba Au Rum Cocktail Bar

Baba Au Rum

One of the first cocktail bars in the city still holds its reputation as a pioneer in the cocktail epoch of Athens. Let’s “drink it” from the experts!

6 Kleitiou Str, Athens
Tel.: +30 211 7109140

The centre of Athens is filled with cafes, bars and night clubs of all kinds but if you really wish to enjoy an authentic cocktail go through Cycladia’s list and shake it in Athens!


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