Be An Olympian God For One Day!

The Twelve Olympians were the supreme beings of the Greek pantheon, residing atop Mount Olympus. They possessed supernatural powers and distinctive traits that turned them into legends and an integral part of the Greek mythology. What if we could be one of them for one day? What if we could inherit the strength of the almighty Zeus or indulge into the playful mood of god Dionysus?

Greek Mythology Gods Olympians


The supreme ruler of the gods!

Zeus olympian god

Be mighty! Be fearless and speak your heart out! Today you are the lion king, roaring your deepest thoughts, letting your passions take you over!


Lord of the seas

Poseidon olympian god

The city of Athens, like many others in Greece, features a beautiful coast line, which you can visit even in winter time. There is no need to wear your bathing suit and wait for the sun to come up! Walk along the seashore barefoot, meditate on a yoga mat with the soothing sound of the waves or play with your dog. Enjoy the beach no matter how!


Goddess of wisdom / The virgin patron of the city of Athens

Athena olympian goddess

Let Athena whisper in your ear the secret hideouts of her city. Re-discover the paths around Acropolis, take a stroll at Dionysiou Aeropagitou street and feel the buzz of this historical place like you’ve never been there before.


Queen of the gods / Goddess of marriage and family

Hera olympian goddess

Very often we get so caught up with work that we tend to forget the most important values of being a member of a loving family. We forget the sense of being treasured and adored… It’s important to build up emotional ties that will last forever and constantly work at maintaining the dynamics within a family.


God of wine, celebrations and ecstasy

Dionysus olympian god

Have a glass of good red wine and celebrate your big or little victories. Celebrate your new job, your new love or just because you managed to fit in your old skinny dress! Or just come up with a reason of your own!


God of light, knowledge, music, poetry, prophecy and archery

Apollo olympian god

Dance your stress out! Put in a CD with your favourite kind of music and dance like a maniac. Swing to the rhythm of jazz or move up and down to the bit of hip hop. Anything will do as long as you let yourself free.


Goddess of the hunt, virginity, childbirth, archery, the moon and all animals

Artemis olympian goddess

Hunt your dreams! Go after your deepest desires, no matter how crazy they might seem. Small steps make a big difference, so choose your “weapons” wisely and go for it!


Messenger of the gods; god of commerce

Hermes olympian god

Send a letter to your family and to the people you love. Quit sending impersonal emails and show them you really care in the old fashioned way. Make your own envelopes out of magazine pages and turn this into a fun process.

Ares (Mars)

God of war, violence and bloodshed

Mars olympian god

Do you feel stressed or unreasonably angry? Do you hate your neighbor for waking you up with loud music? Don’t panic and don’t get involved into any kind of fight. Go to the gym and get into a martial art class, go to the forest and shout like you’re the last person in the planet Eearth or even buy a punching bag. There’s always a solution!


Goddess of love, beauty, and desire

Aphrodite olympian goddess

Spend a day in a spa centre. Escape from the havoc of the everyday routine, soothe your senses and treat yourself as a King or a Queen. You may even enjoy these moments of relaxation with your other half. Aphrodite was the goddess of love after all!


Master blacksmith and craftsman of the gods; god of fire and the forge

Hephaestus olympian god

Do you keep notes of unfulfilled ideas on your desk? Are you thinking of the new coffee table you wanted to make? Now it’s the right time! There’s a small or a grant artist in all of us. Do not hesitate to try crafting something yourself. You’ll spent some creative time and even though the outcome won’t be that of a table illustrated in a magazine, you will surely reduce your stress level!


Goddess of the harvest, who presided over grains and the fertility of the earth

Demeter Olympian goddess

Life isn’t only about work, successful projects and meetings! It can be full of rich experiences in a more personal level. Take some time off your busy schedule and visit the places you love, listen to your inner voice and do all these little things that make you happy… Lead a more fruitful life!

And of course the Olympian Gods were only 12 but we could not omit Hestia, as she certainly represents one of the most principal values especially in the busy, fast moving life of modern people!


Calm goddess of home and home life

Hestia greek goddess

Home sweet home! Returning to our nest after a hectic day is the best part of the day. Cook something nutritious and set a quick candlelit dinner, even if you live by yourself. Honor yourself for putting up with all these worries in one day and charge your batteries.

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