Wines of Peloponnese

The 6th annual wine tasting of the Wines of Peloponnese took place last Sunday at the Hilton, in Athens.

Hilton hotel in Athens

Wines of Pelloponese

More than 20 winemakers were ready to guide hundreds of eager oenophiles through their wines some of which were even bottled just for the event as this year’s harvest has only just ended.

Ktima Mprintziki

Greek wines

The event started at 13:00 and until 21:00 nearly 2000 people passed through the hotel’s doors, ready to meet with the producers, and talk about everything, except the political situation.

Wine event Greece

Carefully placed on each table, you could find and taste a wide variety of wines, including some of the most prestigious PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) wines.

Ktima Papaioannou

Wine exhibition Greece

The opportunity was unique, and everybody was in a great mood, and when I say everybody I mean everybody..

Winetasting in Athens

Glasses were full, people were talking about grape varieties, favorite wines, new tastes of the evening, and wineries to visit.

Winetasting in Greece

The organizers, Vinetum Wine Communications and ENOAP (Greek acronym for Wine Producers Union of the Peloponnesian Vineyard) did a great job as always, and what they really achieved, was not just to connect the winemakers with the public, but to keep the focus on the wine no matter what!

Ktima Evxaris

Winetasting in Hilton Greece

Wine of Pelloponese exhibition

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