Clean Monday: Long Weekend Islandscapes

The long weekend of Clean Monday is just around the corner and it’s time for you to enjoy the company of your loved ones and get away from your everyday routine. Either you choose to stay in the heart of Athens, take a road trip to the most beautiful places of central Greece or head for the mountains you will probably run into some of the most spectacular events of the carnival.

clean monday greece

Then again there are some alternative Clean Monday destinations. So, pack your bags as we are about to sail to the top 4 islands for the long weekend.



Head to the capital of the Cyclades, the island of Syros that keeps up its vibrant pace all year round. Lose yourself in the mazy alleys of Ano Syros, marvel the unparalleled view to the port, visit the picturesque fishing villages and walk along the quiet shores. As the season suggests relish spectacular seafood specialties at the island’s exceptional seaside taverns and fly your kites against the horizon.

The journey from Piraeus to Syros only takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes.



It’s close, affordable, convenient and yet absolutely beautiful! Aegina is an island with majestic sceneries, with exceptional sights and attractions, a lively city-port with numerous seaside taverns serving exceptional seafood specialties. As if these alone are not enough to fill your long weekend Aegina also offers many scenic villages that are definitely worth exploring.

The trip from the port of Piraeus to Aegina lasts approximately 70 minutes.



Tinos is indeed an island of prayer and contemplation, but that is only the one side of it.  It is also an island of unrivalled natural beauty, with incomparable beaches, exhilarating hiking routes and verdant landscapes. An island known for its vibrant night time scene, its several spa and hamam retreats as well as its mouthwatering seafood and fish delights. Visit Tinos for the long weekend and combine flying your kite with the ultimate pampering of your inner and outer self.

The trip from the port of Piraeus to Tinos Island lasts approximately 5 hours with the regular ferry and 3 hours with the speed boat.



For an even more authentic experience the island of Skyros is the place to be for the long weekend of Clean Monday. Be part of the renowned Skyrian Carnival, marvel the local custom of “Geros, Korela and Fragos” where the peasant men wear costumes made of fleece, walk around the village, meet at times and sing to each other traditional local songs.  Also the custom of “Trata” is of great interest as a group of masquerades craft a ship from reeds and take it from door to door where they sing to the homeowners, make practical jokes and improvise theatrical performances. Besides that, Skyros has a great variety of attractions, hiking trails and villages with taverns serving scrumptious local delights during this festive season of the year.

From the port of Kymi the trip to Skyros lasts approximately one hour and 40 minutes.

Whichever direction you wish to follow make your islandscape an escape to remember.

Cycladia wishes you all an amazing Long Weekend!


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