Easter Spectacular Greece

This Easter Cycladia takes you beyond tradition and borders…beyond spectacular!
Easter in Greece is THE experience, so get ready for the ultimate Easter journey… a journey through local customs, festivities, simplicity and luxury… but where in Greece?

Ready to take-off?


The Rocket War of Chios
Excitement arises with the ceremonial “Rocket War” of Vrondados village, where the two opposing parishes spend the evening of the Resurrection firing thousands of homemade rockets to each other’s church, rockets that they have been crafting since after last year’s Easter. A remarkable event that should not be missed!

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Pot Throwing at Corfu
The blooming spirit of spring, the scented flowers and the melodic music from the symphony orchestra give an ecstatic dimension to Easter celebrations. At 6 a.m. on Easter Saturday experience the re-enactment of the earthquake that followed Christ’s resurrection. “Christos Anesti” is announced and island bands fill the streets with joyful music. After the first resurrection of Christ, at 11 a.m. sharp…beware… because the pot throwing custom begins. From all the balconies and all the windows around Corfu the Corfiots throw large ceramic pots to signal the beginning of spring!

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Saitopolemos in Kalamata
Those who wish to get their adrenaline pumping are welcome to visit the beautiful city of Kalamata and the Metropolitan Stadium and observe the most thrilling custom of all, the “Saitopolemos”. Participants are divided into teams, each team consisting of 15 to 30 members ready to light up their “saites” that are circular objects filled with handmade flammable material, a custom so dangerous yet equally impressive.

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Parastaseis (performances) in Paros
Every year on Holy Friday scenes from the passion of Christ are being re-enacted by a crew of 200 villagers in the traditional settlement of Marpissa, in the island of Paros. Dating back to 1927 this extraordinary event attracts visitors from all over the country. Hundreds of people carrying candles are lead through sweet smelling streets sprinkled with myrtle and laurel during the procession of the epitaph. They make 15 stops on their way and during every stop the mountain is illuminated at one particular spot.

There, scenes from the passion of Christ are being re-enacted such as Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the praying on the Mount of Olives, the martyrdom of the crucifixion and the resurrection. The candles from the procession are kept until the island experiences severe weather conditions during which the candles are lit so as to drive away the bad weather.

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The Liturgy of love in Patmos
Experience the most authentic Greek Easter at the island of the Apocalypse from the picturesque village of Grikos. Witness the washing of the disciples’ feet on Holy Thursday, the re-enactment of the deposition from the cross on Holy Friday and attend the “Liturgy of Love” on Easter Sunday during which the Gospel of the Resurrection is read in ancient Greek and 6 more languages.

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The Burning of Judas in Crete
On Easter Saturday children make a model of Judas, the apostle who betrayed Jesus. After the resurrection, in the dawn of Easter Sunday, the fireworks are flying into the air, the bonfires in the churchyards are lit to burn Judas and the island awakens to the sight of flames.

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The Field of the Doomed Youth in Chalkidiki
On the third day after Easter the locals of Ierissos gather on the mountain to recreate the custom of the “Field of the Doomed Youth” comprising of a series of folk dances with so many dancers composing a line of approximately 400 meters. The Kageleftos dance signals the end of the celebrations in memory of the 400 inhabitants that were slaughtered by the Ottomans in 1821. Dancers are required to pass under a laurel-leaf and raised swords arch and politely proceed to the final greeting while dancing.

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Easter-living Spectacular
Find it hard to choose where to spend your Greek Easter?

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Make this Easter Spectacular and…KALO PASCHA!



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