National Gallery of Greece: Exhibition Paris 1900

National Gallery of Greece: Exhibition Paris 1900

In collaboration with the prestigious Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the National Gallery of Greece hosts the unique exhibition “Paris 1900” presenting a fabulous journey into the creativity, culture, arts and lifestyle of the French capital around 1900.

Sarah Bernhardt Clairin

“Paris 1900” relates the Artistic movements and creative marvels from the Naturalism, the Impressionism, Symbolism and Realism of years 1800, to the Art Nouveau and Modernism of the Belle Époque or “Années Folles” in the years 1900.

Tracing the evolution of those years’ artistic movements, lifestyle, climate and spirit, mingling tradition with a contemporary character, the exhibition “Paris 1900” travels its visitors back in 1900 in the heart of Paris’ everyday life.

National Gallery of Greece Paris 1900

Visitors experience Paris Belle Époque, from the luxurious salons and clubs of the haute bourgeoisie to the noisy boulevard and colorful popular markets of the lower class population.
From Renoir to Georges Clairin and from Picasso to Bonnard and Toulouse-Lautrec, Paris 1900, hosted in the National Pinacotheque of Greece, is an exceptional journey into time which started on November 24th and offers its Athenians visitors the change to enter into the fantastic era of “Les Années Folles” until the 28 of February 2011.


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