The 10 + 8 most exotic restaurants in Athens

We are all great fans of the Mediterranean cuisine and the mouthwatering Greek specialties but once in a while we would rather add an extra exotic touch to our meal. So, let’s all take an appetizing journey to the 10+8 most exotic restaurants in Athens!

athens restaurants

1.       Jaipur Palace

Enjoy a delicious journey through the flavors and aromas of India as you unwind in the exotic and colorful environs. The furnishings, the décor and melodies enliven the intriguing ambiance of the old East. Enjoy…


Eleftherias Avenue 6, Glyfada

 2.       La pantera negra

La pantera negra


The Peruvian cuisine lands in the heart of Athens at this Peruvian bistro signed by the famous chef Dimitris Katrivesis. Relish authentic Peruvian flavors in a charming and relaxed atmosphere.

 Kalogrioni 6, Plaka

3.       Cinco


Welcome to the world’s most mystical flavors and get ready to tantalize your palates with exotic dishes from Japan, Peru and Spain. Add to that a cosmopolitan touch with the Broadway sign and the New York vibe with its brick walls, industrial deco and metallic lighting and embark on a flavorsome journey of the senses.

Skoufa 52, Kolonaki

 4.       Izakaya 


Prepare for a stroll through Tokyo’s most remarkable neighborhoods as you step into the casual and chic ambiance of this Japanese restaurant in Kolonaki. The Japanese posters, metal cage-lighting and open kitchen along with the refined flavors suggested by Polyxronis Damalas and fusion touches lift your culinary experience to new heights.

Levendi 5, Kolonaki

 5.       Budoo


Prepare to step back into the 70s and lounge at the mystique atrium as you savor exceptional urban flavors from the Thai cuisine prepared with the finest Thai ingredients.

Lekka 14, Athens

 6.       The Sowl



A multi-space with a multi-level concept inspired by the Mexican hacienda were guest can relish exceptional Latin American flavors with Mediterranean twists signed by the chef Manos Efstathiou. Savor detox juices and refreshing cocktails from the “Bar solutions” serving the bar and listen to amazing tunes at The Sowl Gallery or shop at the pop up store.

Iraklidon 10, Athens

7.       Nikkei


The Peruvian resto-bar by Giannis Morakis and Giorgos Melissaris have shaken up the culinary scene of Athens with the exquisite flavors and the enchanting atmosphere of Nikkei.

Leventi 3, Athens

 8.       Kitrinos Skiouros


A beautiful bistro with a vibrant atmosphere and Brazilian specialties.  Relish exquisite flavors of black beans, rice and mango along with Caribbean cocktails including Batidas and Caipirihnia.

Dimitressa 21, Ilisia

 9.       Red Elephant


If you are ready for the bursting flavors of India, enjoy your meal at the Red Elephant. Try the Zarda Pulao rice, the Chicken Karahi, the butter chicken masala and the Palak Paneer and let your senses on fire!

Larisis 12, Ampelokipoi

10.   Rouan Thai


Follow the exotic aromas to the amazing Rouan Thai restaurant in the heart of Piraues. Let the owner and chef along with their team introduce you to the most authentic flavors of Thailand in an environment filled with Asiatic vibes.

Notara 131, Piraeus

We walked the streets of Athens and we tried some of the most eclectic ethnic flavors of its vibrant neighborhoods.

Stay tuned as we take our culinary journey, a step further, and all the way to the North Suburbs.



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